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Pioneering Spirit: With The Periscope Patent To Mars

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Pioneering Spirit: With The Periscope Patent To Mars
Pioneering Spirit: With The Periscope Patent To Mars

Video: Pioneering Spirit: With The Periscope Patent To Mars

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Video: Pioneering Spirit removing the Brent Delta topsides HD 2023, January

Drive and control technology Kollmorgen describes itself as a pioneer in drive and control technology. Periscopes, especially for submarines, were what made the company's initial success. In 1911, Dr. Friedrich Kollmorgen patented his inventions and finally founded Kollmorgen Optical Corp. in New York in 1916. Now the company is celebrating its founding 100 years ago - this anniversary is probably also a big portion of inventiveness and entrepreneurship.

Systems and overall solutions determined corporate development early on. This was already evident from the mergers with other visionaries of their time. These include above all Norman Macbeth as President of Macbeth Daylighting Company, Hugo Unruh as founder of Inland Motor and Robert Swiggett, PCB inventor of the company Photocircuits. And so Kollmorgen gradually developed into a manufacturer of servo drive technology and motion control. Kollmorgen is considered a pioneer in the development of motors with permanent magnets and has equipped the Mars Rover and the ISS, for example. Also the robot with which Dr. Robert Ballard furnished spectacular pictures of the Titanic in 1986, the company equipped. Today, Kollmorgen has 1,500 employees worldwide under the Fortive umbrella. The company looks after the European market from Ratingen.The President of Kollmorgen, Dan St. Martin, explains: "Our success is based on the commitment of all employees who are committed to pioneering developments every day and in every corner of the world." (Pf)

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