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Solutions For Efficient Human-robot Collaboration

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Solutions For Efficient Human-robot Collaboration
Solutions For Efficient Human-robot Collaboration

Video: Solutions For Efficient Human-robot Collaboration

Video: Solutions For Efficient Human-robot Collaboration
Video: Optimising the Efficiency of a Human-Robot Collaboration Application 2023, April

"The digitalization and the cooperative networking of employees and machines will fundamentally change the working world," says Henning Borkeloh, Vice President Advanced Technology Solutions at Kuka Systems. "What this means for individual industries and their everyday production, we make it possible for visitors to experience at Motek."

Automate ergonomically and efficiently

In addition to full automation with industrial robots, there are more and more processes in which a flexible solution with a sensitive robot is the economically more profitable option. Kuka is therefore constantly working on new approaches and applications to establish the robot as a support for humans. Kuka is showing some such applications for human-robot collaboration (HRC) in Stuttgart: Based on the seven-axis Kuka LBR Iiwa lightweight robot, manual processes in the automotive industry - such as the dismantling of the motor mounts - can be automated ergonomically and efficiently. According to Kuka, this could be demonstrated in various feasibility studies and in the production plant that was implemented.

The robot takes on the physically demanding tasks of working with its human colleagues. Connected to the cloud, it also becomes an intelligent helper, ready for the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Automate flexibly

HRC-capable solutions such as the Kuka Flex Fellow, according to Kuka, offer the opportunity to implement smart factory concepts. The flexible robot unit can be manually brought to different locations and combined with more or fewer robots or workers depending on the workload. The aim is to be able to change the degree of automation ad hoc. At the fair, the various functionalities such as hand guidance or sensitive determination of a path at a labyrinth station will be shown.

The lightweight robot is also used behind the counter. He pours out wheat beer and demonstrates I4.0 data acquisition and monitoring via the cloud as an example. Trade fair visitors always have their orders in view during their tour of the stand. (jv)

Motek 2017: Hall 7, booth 7214


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