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In The Spirit Of Human-robot Collaboration

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In The Spirit Of Human-robot Collaboration
In The Spirit Of Human-robot Collaboration

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Video: The Future of Human and Robot Interaction | DAVOS 2020 2023, January

According to Stäubli, the new TX2 Touch series was specially developed for the most demanding stages of human-robot cooperation. It should therefore also master direct cooperation, in which man and machine share a work space and come into direct contact with each other.

As the basis of the new TX2 Touch models, Stäubli has used the TX2 series, which is available in many versions, including clean room and sterile versions, damp room and food versions. Stäubli Robotics boss Gerald Vogt sums up precisely why the provider decided not to develop a special assistance robot: “Pure assistance robots are subject to clear restrictions in terms of payload, dynamics, range or precision. That's exactly what we didn't want. We wanted to qualify our TX2 standard robots for working directly with people, but at the same time retain their full potential for work without an HRC reference.”

Touch-sensitive surface

To meet the high security requirements, the new Safe Robots have a complex safe package, says Stäubli. The TX2 Touch models can be recognized by their safety skin: this touch-sensitive surface, which covers the robot like a skin, ensures that the journey is stopped immediately when there is direct contact with people. The employee can stop the robot at any time simply by tapping it.

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In addition, the CS9 safety controller comes with additional safety features that can be configured for each application using special functions such as Safe Speed, Safe Stop and Safe Zone / Safe Tool. An integrated safety board should monitor all movements of the robot in real time. Each robot axis has its own digital safety encoder. All safety functions are certified and meet the strict requirements of the safety category SIL3- / PLe.

Autonomously mobile robot system

In addition to the TX2 Touch models, Stäubli will present the latest Helmo expansion stage, with which this study should come very close to series production. The basis of this mobile robot system is a TX2 Touch-90L six-axis vehicle with a load capacity of up to 15 kg and a reach of 1200 mm. The six-axle vehicle itself is already qualified for direct cooperation with people thanks to its integrated safety technology.

Thanks to a mobile platform, the robot system can drive and navigate completely autonomously, constantly monitoring its surroundings via three integrated laser scanners. Helmo can either perform tasks fully automatically at high speed or, if necessary, collaborate with people.

Independently to the nearest charging station

In order to be able to demonstrate its versatility in practice, Helmo has a modular structure. For mobile operation, it has appropriately designed energy storage devices that ensure autonomy. Helmo itself recognizes when its energy reserves are running low and heads for the nearest charging station in good time. Helmo also handles the docking maneuvers on his own. The robot is still available for stationary tasks during the charging process. In order to be able to carry out a wide range of tasks, Helmo can be equipped with an automatic tool changing system.

“The strength of Helmo is its incredible flexibility. In automatic mode, he can get started with the full performance of a TX2 six-axle vehicle or replace a sick employee at a manual assembly station. Its application spectrum ranges from tasks in assembly, logistics, manufacturing to quality assurance in all conceivable industrial areas,”says Vogt. (jv)

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