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Power Supplies With Special Voltage

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Power Supplies With Special Voltage
Power Supplies With Special Voltage

Video: Power Supplies With Special Voltage

Video: Power Supplies With Special Voltage
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Power supplies with special voltages are required in many industrial areas. If, for example, an application requires a 14 V power supply, standard devices with a 24 V output voltage cannot be used at all or can only be used with greatly increased effort. That is why Phoenix Contact has added three voltage variants to the Quint Power product family: a power supply with 12 VDC and two models with 48 VDC output voltage, which deliver output currents from 5 to 15 A.

All three devices meet the special requirements for the safety of switching power supplies and transformers for switching power supplies for supply voltages. They are compliant with EN 61558-2-16. The new models are used, for example, to illuminate ferris wheels, for the DC drive of printing or packaging machines, in security technology and in mechanical engineering.

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12 V power supply for ferris wheel lighting

The representative lighting of Ferris wheels, for example, requires a secure 12 V supply that can withstand difficult weather conditions and mechanical influences. This is where the 12 VDC device comes in. It also addresses users in the areas of infrastructure and security technology. The module is used for fast battery charging and in test and test systems and makes plug-in power supplies in the control cabinet unnecessary.

The Quint Power power supplies with 48 VDC output voltage offer, for example, direct current (DC) drives a reliable supply. In mechanical engineering, a 48 V supply becomes more important when smaller motors are operated with this voltage in order to be able to work with lower currents and thus smaller cable cross sections. DC motors are used, among other things, in printing or packaging machines, but also in automatic placement machines or fans.

Modules equipped with two power reserves

The power supply modules are equipped with two power reserves: the "static boost" and the "dynamic boost".

Plants are often expanded successively - little attention is paid to the total current. With standard devices, the output voltage collapses if the nominal power is exceeded and the system stops. With Quint Power, the system continues to run stably, as it can continuously supply up to 125% of the nominal current. If it works in static boost, a signal is output. The operator is warned that the occupancy rate is in the upper range and can react early.

If capacitive loads have to be started with high starting currents or if several 24 V loads start up simultaneously, the dynamic boost delivers up to 200% of the nominal current for five seconds. Where a 20 A power supply was otherwise required, a 10 A power supply is now sufficient.

Seminar tip The seminar on voltage quality and network perturbations offers an overview for the analysis of our electricity networks. Because new machines with frequency inverters or modernized lighting on the one hand create network effects and on the other hand place higher demands on the quality of the power supply. The seminar teaches how to identify and analyze weak points in the power grid.

Registration: www.b2bseminare.de/elektrotechnik/spannungsqualitaet-und-netzruecklösungen Order

additional information on the topic of power supply configured from quantity 1

Quint-Power power supplies can be pre-ordered from the factory according to customer requirements. More than 40 parameters can be individually adjusted. If required, the power supply can be parameterized via mobile devices or PCs. With the integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) interface, changes to signaling thresholds and characteristic curves are simplified. All settings can be transferred to other devices using an app or software. To protect against manipulation, the front buttons and all other set parameters can be assigned a password.

The power supply for the application is configured appropriately via app on the smartphone, software on the PC or when ordering
The power supply for the application is configured appropriately via app on the smartphone, software on the PC or when ordering

Individually adjusted Quint Power power supplies can be ordered online. The device settings made in the configurator are set in the factory via the NFC interface. Each device is given an individual number that can be called up when reordering in the e-shop. This information is also stored in the NFC chip and on the page label.

Safe power supply thanks to SFB technology

In addition to the power reserves, the SFB technology (Selective Fuse Breaking) enables reliable supply. To selectively switch off faulty current paths on the load side, Quint Power provides 6 times the nominal current for 15 ms, enough current to reliably trigger standard circuit breakers. Even extremely small network fluctuations can cause the system to fail completely. Quint Power also protects against this: If a complete sine wave of 20 ms fails at the input, the output power is fully retained.

The integrated gas arrester, which can discharge several 1000 A, provides protection against transient overvoltage. In addition, the power supplies can be operated in the temperature range from –25 ° C to 70 ° C. They are shock and vibration-proof, which is important for lighting the Ferris wheel, among other things: 30 g of shock and vibrations up to 2.3 g in resonance during assembly or dismantling, transport or during operation are no problem. (Sh)

Redundancy module

Power supply consistently separated

Power supply

Uninterruptible power supply with super capacitor technology

Power supply

Also protects against hours of power failure

* Julia Baumgärtner, Marketing Communications, Phoenix Contact Power Supplies GmbH, Paderborn

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