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Velcro Fastener With Distinction

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Velcro Fastener With Distinction
Velcro Fastener With Distinction

Video: Velcro Fastener With Distinction

Video: Velcro Fastener With Distinction
Video: Mr Velcro Fastener: Bend 2023, April

The Klett-Welding Tape from Nano-Wired GmbH is the winner of this year's Hermes Award. The innovation of the Gernsheim-based company is a worldwide unique process with which previously specially treated electronic components can be connected quickly, precisely and in an environmentally friendly manner at room temperature. The award was presented at the opening ceremony of the Hannover Messe.

Klett-Welding is based on nanowires that are applied to any surface like a metallic lawn. By simply pressing together the parts prepared in this way, the wires get caught like a Velcro fastener - with the difference that the connection is permanently stable and extremely electrically and thermally conductive.

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Connect inexpensively

A major advantage of this technique is that it is less expensive than conventional methods such as soldering, gluing and bonding. It can be used in the areas of sensors, semiconductors, automobiles and consumer goods, among others. In the case of temperature-free connections in particular, production processes can be switched from soldering to plugs, thereby saving system equipment and reducing production costs.

These were the nominees

In addition to the company Nano-Wired, ABB was nominated for this year's Hermes Award with the product Ni-Temp and Arkite with the Human Interface Mate.

Arkite's Human Interface Mate (HIM) was also nominated - a new type of operator guidance system, which gives the employee assembly instructions and orientation aids in real-time projection and provides a proactive warning of errors. The 3D object detection technology guides the employee through his work process without errors and not only contributes to increased efficiency, but also improves the flexibility and quality of assembly processes. Manuals, checklists or handwritten protocols are a thing of the past. Project engineers can use the HIM software to create assembly projects without programming knowledge.

Hermes Award 2019

The nominees for the Hermes Award 2019 have been determined

These were the winners of the past years:

Hanover Fair 2018

Self-calibrating temperature sensor wins Hermes Award

Hanover Fair 2016

Mini computer wins Hermes Award

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