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Correctly Select The Snap Ring, Spring Pin And Locking Clip

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Correctly Select The Snap Ring, Spring Pin And Locking Clip
Correctly Select The Snap Ring, Spring Pin And Locking Clip

Video: Correctly Select The Snap Ring, Spring Pin And Locking Clip

Video: Correctly Select The Snap Ring, Spring Pin And Locking Clip
Video: You Install Snap Rings Wrong! 2023, April

Fuse elements are available in many designs and are therefore suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Below we present a selection of security elements.

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Snap rings

Snap rings are special forms of the circlip. In mechanical engineering, they prevent components such as wheels, sealing elements and bearings on axles, shafts or within bores from moving axially. These special forms are versatile and in many cases offer the most cost-effective solution. Snap rings are available in two versions:

• as a snap ring DIN 7993 for shafts version A. They are used in semicircular grooves on an axis or shaft.

• as a snap ring DIN 7993 for holes type B. They are also used in semicircular grooves within a hole or sleeve.

Snap rings for shafts and bores are available from the well-known manufacturers of standard parts and springs in standard steel EN 10270-1 and stainless steel EN 10270-3-1.4310 and in various dimensions.

Spring pin

The spring pin, also known as spring cotter pin, is used as a universal securing element for keeping the position of connected components. Spring pins reliably hold nuts or crowns in their position and prevent the elements from twisting. They are also suitable in mechanical engineering for fixing axes and bolts against shifting. Spring pins are available in different sizes for different uses. They can be used in a variety of ways - for example, also in the automotive sector. The shape of the spring pin conforms to the standard DIN 11024 as standard. The spring pin is designed to be spring-loaded and thus snaps into the material in a self-locking manner. It can be detached and reused if necessary.

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Gutekunst Federn, for example, offers spring plugs made of spring steel according to EN 10270-1 with a galvanized surface and made of stainless steel according to EN 12070-3-1.4310 as standard. In addition to the single spring pin according to DIN 11024, the double spring pin according to DIN 11024 is also available with a double eyelet. This ensures better handling and less spring action. The selection of suitable sizes results from the dimensions of the hole diameter, the outside diameter of the shaft and the tube, and the overall length and the length of the resilient part.

Spring pins secure axial bolts, axles and anti-rotation devices, such as crown nuts. They belong to the fast securing elements. The plugs are available in different sizes and two different versions:

• as a spring pin simply with one turn

• as a spring pin double according to DIN 11024 with two turns; the double plug has less force, so the user can set and pull the element more easily.

Fokkern needles or securing clips

The Fokkernadel, also called securing clip, is mainly used in aviation to secure screw connections that can be unintentionally loosened by vibrations. To prevent this, a screw with a cross hole at the thread end is used. The crown nut is screwed onto the threaded end. In the next step, the Fokkernadel is passed through the crown and the threaded hole, which prevents loosening of the screw. The advantage over spring cams: users can remove the focus needle without tools and simply reuse it.

Fokkern needles are made of spring steel EN 10270-1 with a galvanized surface and stainless steel EN 10270-3-1.4310.

Other security elements

The following products are also part of the locking elements: split pins and cotter pins, adjusting rings, locking washers, crown nuts, setting locks, tension lock washers, anti-loss and anti-loosening devices.

Special forms of spring plugs and securing elements

In addition to standardized spring plugs, locking clips, snap rings, shaft rings and split pins according to DIN, relevant spring manufacturers also manufacture spring clips, clips and split pins for special applications in any desired form.

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