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2-way Speaker

Table of contents:

2-way Speaker
2-way Speaker

Video: 2-way Speaker

Video: 2-way Speaker
Video: DIY Desktop Speakers, 2 Way Crossover and Wiring 2023, April

Tool checklist

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • various brushes
  • Circular saw
  • soldering iron
  • Router
  • Screw clamps
  • Wood chisel
  • Jigsaw

The concept of the 2-way hi-fi box has remained unchanged: the housing structure and dimensions have been adopted, but compared to the Bijou 170, which is more than twice as expensive, the light version uses less expensive systems. This also makes it attractive for multi-channel applications. With a housing volume of 10.5 liters, the loudspeaker is small enough not to be space-defining, yet it is so powerful and precise that it will satisfy even the most ambitious music consumer - you can convince yourself of this as usual with a test appointment arranged with Visaton!

Build a 2-way speaker yourself

The housing itself consists of straight, butt-glued MDF boards, which makes the construction extremely easy. As shown here, you can make the cutouts in the front and rear wall or glue the housing completely and only then carry out the steps mentioned. The advantage of the second variant is better handling, but there is a risk of ruining the entire case in the event of a fault. After the housing has been completely assembled and varnished (or veneered), the loudspeaker cables are soldered to the crossover and the crossover is screwed to the inside on the floor or on the rear wall (pre-drilling). To dampen the box, stuff two mats of damping material through the bass cutout and distribute it loosely in the housing. Now the chassis and the terminal are soldered and screwed on.

Build furniture yourself Build


boxes with stands yourself

No suitable shelf for the speakers? Why not build the boxes with stands yourself

Practical tip: There are several ways to mill the circular folds for the speakers in the front. The simplest and cleanest solution is to build a circuit device for the router. For this purpose, a plywood panel with a central milling hole is screwed under the sole of the router. The screws must be completely countersunk. A small nail, which is pushed through the compass plate from above, forms the center of the compass. The decisive factor is the distance from the nail to the outer edge of the milling cutter: it must correspond to the milling radius.

2-way speaker: kit

The kit for the Bijou 170 Light contains all the necessary technical components for the construction of a loudspeaker. In detail, these are:

2-way loudspeaker: assembly parts
2-way loudspeaker: assembly parts
  • A W 170 S woofer
  • B tweeter SC 10 N
  • C ST 77 connection terminal
  • D Crossover Bijou 170 Light
  • E 1 meter speaker cable 2 x 1.5 mm2
  • F 1 bag of polyester wool
  • G screws (semicircular head 4 x 20 and countersunk head 3.5 x 25 mm)

2-way hi-fi box: special box lacquer

Lacquered hi-fi box
Lacquered hi-fi box

We used the Warnex 1K textured paint from WB Coatings as the coating for the Bijou 170 light. The water-thinnable paint is mainly used for stage speakers and gives the speakers a robust, matt black and slightly textured surface. The consistency of the extremely viscous paint is reminiscent of underbody protection products. The advantage of this is that it blocks off the visible cut edges of the MDF housing very well. We have had very good experiences with the following processing: Only block off the MDF edges with a roller for acrylic paints and undiluted textured paint. After drying, paint the housing surfaces with a normal gravity cup gun (e.g. from Einhell) at high pressure (approx. 5 bar) on a turntable. Dilute the paint beforehand with about 15% water. Test spray!

Simply 100 - 250 € under 1 day 1

HiFi box Bijou 170 light: Would you like more bass?


Set up as a shelf box in the immediate vicinity of the wall, the Bijou 170 light has sufficient bass. However, due to the principle, a small, compact and closed box like the Bijou 170 Light is not easily able to reproduce extremely deep bass. If you want more deep bass or want to operate a multi-channel system with these speakers, you should also operate a subwoofer. The SUB W-20.39 from the Visaton shelf is a suitable and inexpensive model. This compact subwoofer impressively complements the Bijou 170 Light in the lower frequency cellar and - equipped with a separately available amplifier module (also called active module) - ensures a high degree of variability and adaptation to the home conditions.

With small dimensions of 320 mm width, 396 mm height and 430 mm depth, the small bass giant with a housing volume of almost 40 liters can be integrated into almost any room. The average sound pressure level of the bass reflex box is 85 dB, the transmission range starts at 30 Hz. The music load capacity of the 4-ohm sub is 115 watts, the nominal load capacity is 75 watts.

Source: himself is the man 9/2015

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