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Design Textile Floors

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Design Textile Floors
Design Textile Floors

Video: Design Textile Floors

Video: Design Textile Floors
Video: Flooring Selection | Interior Design 2023, April

The work of the textile design students at the Halle University of Applied Sciences on the subject of flooring is impressive.

What happens when artistically motivated design students work on the subject of flooring as a project? You are bubbling over with ideas! The project is divided into two topics: The first floor is textile and was developed conventionally in cooperation with the yarn company Xentrys and a carpet weaving mill. There was also an excursion to the companies, two workshops and the option to develop the yarns and tufting at Xentrys and to have the woven carpets produced as a sample. Inspired by the technical possibilities as well as by corals, worms and lace doilies, exciting designs for floor coverings were created on the automatic tufting machine.


A visit to a weaving mill had similar consequences: fascinated by the rod weaving mill and the huge frames with spools of thread, the students looked at large-scale woven carpets. The material has already been experimented with: the classic Xentrys yarn was twisted with wool, paper, silk, but also printed or partially dyed. Design student Svenja Bernhold explains: “At first, the topic of flooring was new to all of us. The intense debate inspired many of us to not just look at the floor as a flat surface. The design in three-dimensional space in order to convey something to people and to make a difference in it played as much a role as the use of new materials and techniques.”

In close-up, everything looks like fantasy landscapes or the pattern of unknown animals.


The "second floor" shows visions for the future: material experiments, recycling ideas, life on the floor and perception of the floor. It can be three-dimensional, have multiple functions, dissolve, harden. It can become an energy source, it can be different modules, it can mark a territory, it can be interactive or it can change. etc. There were no limits to the imagination and the results could be seen at the Domotex trade fair in Hanover. Exciting works and ideas have emerged: some are about to be realized, some first symbolize an idea, all appeal to the senses and the imagination as inspiration for the discussion of the important importance of soil for people. Svenja Bernhold:"The response to our exhibition was very positive, the free use of materials and the courage to" rethink the floor "was praised. Many of the works are food for thought or sketches that were developed in a short time. Some of us are interested in continuing because of the great feedback.”

Katrin Münzberg's liaison.


Svenja Bernhold: “The recycling issue was close to our hearts, since the floor area is mostly about large areas. An important question for us was which materials to use in this context and how to process them. We are currently continuing to work on our project because the topic of flooring and material development still offers a lot of exciting new things.”

Balance by Manuela de Mesquita Barros Almeida Leite. The "floating floor" invites you to experience the feeling of tightrope walking.


Kilometers of fabric are left in the warehouse every day and end up in the garbage. These substances should be recycled without additives and combined with various basic materials. Layering is one solution. The stacked materials are connected using the sewing technique. The variety of patterns and material combinations is limitless - from traditional embroidery to graphically illustrative implementations. Different degrees of hardness can be achieved through the targeted use of materials and offer a haptic and visual floor experience.

Anna Schröder, Svenja Bernhold, Cathrin Jungnickel, Anne-Sophie Muller, Sandra Lorenz, Ella Lachmann on a tour of the yarn manufacturer Xentrys.


At the Domotex trade fair in Hanover, the exhibition of the joint project "Boden / Floor" in the field of textile design, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, and Xentrys Leuna GmbH, manufacturer of polyamide 6 carpet yarns, could be seen. The motto of the exhibition was “When Art meets Technology”. The project was supervised by Prof. Bettina Göttke-Krogmann, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art in Halle, and Sandra Lorenz, Xentrys Leuna GmbH.




Bärbel Bosch

Photos: Bettina Göttke-Krogmann, Katrin Münzberg, Svenja Bernhold, Anne Sophie Muller, Anna Hoffmann

Source: Malerblatt 11/2013

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