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Privacy Fence Metal

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Privacy Fence Metal
Privacy Fence Metal

Video: Privacy Fence Metal

Video: Privacy Fence Metal

Tool checklist

  • Double spade
  • Allen key

You can also relax better on small terraces if you don't feel the neighbors' eyes on your neck all the time. Especially in semi-detached houses, there is often a lack of privacy on the terrace, as the terraces are usually built directly against each other. This problem can be solved with a metal privacy screen without having to stand a thick wall in the garden.

Our privacy fence consists of two Zenturo super 200 x 200 cm mats and the associated posts. The space between the mats can be filled with tree bark, coconut shells, pebble or lava stones, for example. However, we decided to make it semi-transparent with special design elements.

Garden design


privacy screen gabions

The gabion privacy screen forms a nice color contrast to the green

Metal privacy fence: fill gabions individually

The plastic plates can be attached to the fence mesh with a click. Strips of stainless steel that are woven into the grid mat can also be used. With the various elements, the look of the fence can be easily changed. Even house numbers, letters or simple patterns are possible. The visual protection effect can be enhanced in this way. The plastic plates also prevent fine filling material from trickling out.

Simply 250 - 500 € 1-2 days 2

Source: himself is the man 10/2012

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