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Privacy Fence Strips

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Privacy Fence Strips
Privacy Fence Strips

Video: Privacy Fence Strips

Video: Privacy Fence Strips
Video: tectake - Garden fence screening privacy shade 2023, June

Thin PVC strips, which are braided by the double bars of the fence elements, offer immediate privacy protection: privacy fence strips ! The term is a bit bulky, but the effect of the screening strip is clear: remain locked Curious looks and thanks to diverse subject ways wear Sichtschutzzstreifen also contribute to a harmonious garden design.

There are printed privacy screens for the fence in almost every conceivable design: in stone, natural or wood look. The fence strips are made of light and weather-stable plastic, so they are weatherproof and UV-resistant. High-quality privacy protection strips are printed matt, so that the privacy protection fence has a natural appearance and the motifs do not reflect in the sun. As a rule, privacy fence strips are printed on both sides - so you do not need to pay attention to the front and back when threading the privacy protection strips into the wire mesh fence. It is different with special desired motifs, which are possible as a one-off production (such as photo wallpapers). Here the desired motif is printed on the front, the back is mostly covered with gray.



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With or without concrete: We show the construction of various point foundations

Practical tip: Thanks to the privacy strips, the metal fence naturally offers the wind more surface to attack! This must of course be taken into account in the statics & construction of the bar mat fence, a stable point foundation is essential here in order to safely transfer the wind load into the ground so that the fence does not bend over in the storm.

Privacy fence strips
Privacy fence strips

How to install privacy fence strips?

You don't need to be a specialist to install privacy strips! Threading and braiding the privacy fence strips is child's play:

  1. The printed privacy screen is braided in rows in the lattice fence by pulling the strips alternately in front of and behind the bars of a row.
  2. The assembly of privacy fence strips is easier if you edit each fence element individually
  3. The continuous laying of privacy strips across several fence elements is only possible if there is no height offset between the individual elements.
  4. Cut the privacy strips roughly to the width of the bridle before threading them in, this makes work easier.
  5. It is important that the strips are a little wider than the fence element - the privacy fence strip must protrude about 3 cm at both ends so that you can attach them to the fence with the supplied clips!
  6. Practical tip: When laying privacy strips, make sure that the motif does not "picture"!

    Images are called the unwanted accumulation of certain image motifs so that the eye suddenly recognizes stripes or patterns in the fence.

  7. Similar to laying tiles, you should "mix" the privacy strips and braid them irregularly into the fence.
  8. At the beginning and at the end of each row, the safety fence strips are fastened with a clamping rail.

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With the Zenturo system you can quickly set up a privacy fence yourself

What are privacy fence strips made of?

Inexpensive privacy protection strips are often made of PVC: The cheap plastic is not to be viewed quite uncritically - especially when used in the garden. Chlorine compounds and plasticizers are reasons why environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and BUND advise you to avoid PVC whenever possible! Brand manufacturers such as B. Fence printing therefore manufacture your privacy fence strips from PVC-free material: Here, technical fabrics made of polyester fleece are generally used as the carrier material.

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