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Flexible Whiteboards Enable Agile Work

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Flexible Whiteboards Enable Agile Work
Flexible Whiteboards Enable Agile Work

Video: Flexible Whiteboards Enable Agile Work

Video: Flexible Whiteboards Enable Agile Work

Not being tied to the meeting room when working in a team encourages flexibility and thus creativity. Flexible and inspiring spaces are the prerequisite for satisfied and successful teams. There should be no limits to creativity and workflow. The Space3000 whiteboards meet this requirement through consistent ultra-light construction, made possible by new manufacturing methods. The whiteboards finished with a cork edge are produced in Berlin factories and, as far as possible, are delivered emission-free by electric car and train.

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"In our design whiteboards we agree sustainability, maximum flexibility and sophisticated design. Production in Berlin and Brandenburg and a close relationship with our customers are part of our DNA," says Space3000 founder Miriam Soltwedel. In addition to the Metro IT subsidiary Metronom, users of the whiteboards also include Deutsche Telekom and the Berlin start-up nexenio.

Whiteboard rethought

The Big Board was designed for people who want to remain flexible in their work. It is quickly gripped and carried into the next room or into the fresh air. It can be used upright or across.

It adapts to the workflow: leaning against a tree, stuck in the frame or spontaneously hung on the wall. The board, which can be written on both sides, measures 1.10 mx 1.92 m. In total, it offers more than 4 m² of writing and adhesive space. It only weighs 8 kg.

Wild board - the smaller version

The wild board enables creative teamwork anywhere. It consists of two parts: the modular frame and the portable whiteboard. The whiteboard can be locked in the frame with two hand movements and used from both sides. The rollers allow easy moving.

The legs can be disassembled and stowed away in a few steps and without tools.

The frame can also be used for the big board.

The WildBoard offers enough space for creative ideas and, at 6 kg, is one of the lightest design whiteboards on the market. The removable board measures 1.10 mx 1.40 m.

Developed with design thinking

Incidentally, the whiteboards were developed using the Design Thinking method, a user-centered innovation method that is used by many corporations and start-ups. Established for the first time at Stanford University in 2003, it owes its spread in Germany primarily to the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam. As in Stanford, SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner is the driving force. Different agile methods are combined in the design thinking approach. The focus is on the needs of users when developing products and services.

The seminar "TRIZ Training Level 1: Systematically Finding Ideas and Solving Problems" enables designers and engineers to use the TRIZ tools to solve their design and development problems faster and more efficiently and to come up with more and better new ideas.

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