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Bookshelf Speakers

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Bookshelf Speakers
Bookshelf Speakers

Video: Bookshelf Speakers

Video: Bookshelf Speakers

Small boxes are not an indication of "small sound": these bookshelf speakers here are based on the technical expertise of the hi-fi specialist Visaton and convince in the sound laboratory as well as in practice! The instructions describe the construction of the loudspeakers step by step.

Build chassis for shelf boxes

The instructions first show the construction of the satellites: although the Bijou 170 light does not really do justice to calling them “satellites”. The small 2-way speaker also works very well as a full shelf box - or as a multi-channel speaker in the home theater area.

Then we also document the construction of the subwoofer, because those who value powerful basses can add the Visaton SUB W – 20.39 to the Bijou 170 light. As a passive subwoofer or as here with a controllable active module, it makes the trio really powerful!

Practical tip: A dimensioned drawing with all the information required to build the shelf speakers can be found here as a free download >>


Position the subwoofer correctly
Position the subwoofer correctly

your own furniture Position the subwoofer correctly

Visaton expert Robin Lindner explains how to position the subwoofer correctly: The correct positioning of a subwoofer is often critical …

Add a subwoofer to the shelf speakers

Tool checklist

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Gouge
  • Orbital sander
  • Fine saw
  • Circular saw with guide rail
  • Router
  • Carpenter angle
  • Jigsaw
  • To force

Well planned is half the battle! Even when choosing the music system and the right speakers, it doesn't have to be the really big solution from the start. However, it makes sense to start with a few high-quality loudspeaker components and gradually upgrade them. For example, a reasonable basis can be laid with the 8- ohm Bijou 170 light bookshelf speakers. Later, these can also be supplemented by the SUB-W-20.39 subwoofer if required. This combo is also ideally positioned for developments in the direction of home cinema or multi-channel playback.

The little sister of the "big" Bijou shelf boxes still brings with it a high level of neutrality and sound quality as well as reserves in terms of volume with small dimensions at half the cost. Of course, the capacity comes up to its limits at some point in bass reproduction: With a 17 cm bass-midrange speaker and a closed housing volume of around 11 liters, the dynamic is somehow physical despite a transmission range of 50-20,000 hearts and a music load of 60 watts End set. The depth enhancement by the SUB-W-20.39 can significantly extend these limits. The 20 cm bass chassis has around 40 liters of case air plus a bass reflex tube. And with the subwoofer amplifier, the deep bass can be raised if necessary!

Shelf box kit
Shelf box kit

The Bijou 170 light shown and the SUB W 20.39 subwoofer are slightly modified versions of the Visaton building proposals of the same name. In addition to the housing material, you need two complete technology kits of the Bijou 170 light (item no.5998, each € 172.55, left in the picture) and (right) a woofer W 200 S (4 Ω; 61.09 €), a bass reflex tube BR 25.50 (€ 18.84), 2 bags of polyester wool (€ 4.49 each) and black wood screws 4x20 mm (24 pieces € 5.31). With the passive variant, a connection terminal ST 77 (€ 9.82) and half a meter of connection cable are required.

Complex 500 - 1000 € 2-3 days 1

Source: himself is the man 9/2019

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