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Predictive Maintenance Applications At The Heart Of MDA

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Predictive Maintenance Applications At The Heart Of MDA
Predictive Maintenance Applications At The Heart Of MDA

Video: Predictive Maintenance Applications At The Heart Of MDA

Video: Predictive Maintenance Applications At The Heart Of MDA
Video: Predictive Maintenance, Part 5: Digital Twin 2023, June

"Exhibitors and visitors to the MDA form a strong community," says Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Board of Management of Deutsche Messe AG. The leading trade fair Motion, Drives and Automation (MDA) takes place every two years as part of the Hanover Fair (April 24th to 28th, 2017) and primarily gives the manufacturers of drive and fluid technology a forum and an international audience with their products and solutions to show. The approximately 1,200 exhibitors expect more than 80,000 visitors from all over the world. The organizers have put the “Predictive Maintenance” special show at the center of the MDA. "We understand predictive maintenance as a cross-sectional technology and a prime example of the benefits of Industry 4.0," says Köckler of the reason. Solution examples and live demonstrations are to be shown,which will also be part of the planned visitor tours.

Efficiency, intelligence and quality of drive and fluid technology components determine the quality of machines, said the representatives of the drive technology and fluid technology associations at the VDMA at the press conference they gave together with Deutsche Messe in advance of the MDA in Frankfurt. The focus of the exhibitor presentations should be mechatronic modules or CPS modules (Cyber-Physical System), which are important enablers for efficient and intelligent production processes. This enables continuous networking with the control and production level, an important contribution to the factory of the future with its intelligent, self-optimizing and autonomous production processes.

Hartmut Rauen, deputy general manager in the VDMA and responsible for the VDMA drive and fluid technology associations, added: “With Industry 4.0, the drive and fluid technology will become a data source. Our companies combine big data with big thinking, correlation with the knowledge of causality. We therefore specifically developed the Predictive Maintenance Congress for our member companies and positioned the special show at the Hanover Fair.”

Detect impending failures early

The networking of machines, products and components as well as other systems involved in the production process is the central feature of Industry 4.0. By using sensors, these links can now be used to record status data of machine components, combine them with information from third-party systems (ERP, CRM systems) and evaluate them. The aim is to identify conspicuous patterns that indicate disruptions in good time and to take appropriate preventive measures.

At the special show Predictive Maintenance in Hall 19 with an adjacent forum, visitors can learn how impending failures can be identified early, processes accelerated and production downtimes avoided. According to current studies by the consulting company Accenture, maintenance costs are reduced by almost 30% and unplanned downtimes are reduced by 70%.

Better production planning, longer machine running times, avoiding unplanned downtimes - these are the three most important reasons for predictive maintenance. This extends conventional condition monitoring approaches to a look into the future of the machine. At Schaeffler, the focus is on two new digital services: the remaining life calculation of rolling bearings and the automated rolling bearing diagnosis. For the first time, maintenance intervals can be determined depending on the load.


Schaeffler: How theory becomes practice

Experts expect a dynamic market environment for predictive maintenance. A billion dollar market is not only opening up for automation technology. Large IT companies such as SAP, IBM or Bosch Software Innovations are also currently active on the market to meet the growing demand for predictive maintenance solutions. At Hannover Messe 2016, SAP showed the live demo of the new SAP IoT solution Predictive Maintenance & Services (PdMS). This solution for predictive maintenance can be used both in the cloud - based on the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) - and in the company (on premise). (ud)

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