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Build Speakers Yourself

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Build Speakers Yourself
Build Speakers Yourself

Video: Build Speakers Yourself

Video: Build Speakers Yourself
Video: DIY Speaker Build Log: The KMA DUO 2023, June

A new development from Visaton is the 2-way loudspeaker Topas Light: the slim box (90x16x23 cm HxWxD) impresses with its clear appearance and clean sound. The speaker shines with a fantastic spatial sound and reproduces a bass that is very astonishing for the small speaker. With a nominal load capacity of 30 W (music load capacity 50 W), an amplifier with 40 to 50 watts (RMS) output power is ideally suited.


Balanced: The frequency response shows an extremely even curve down to the lower limit of 35 Hz.

Hifi boxes: build speakers

Tool checklist

  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Hand tools
  • soldering iron
  • Router
  • Jigsaw

The instructions above show step by step how to build the speakers yourself. The appropriate technical drawing including a list of materials can be downloaded from www.visaton.de for free. Practical tip: There you will also learn how to make an appointment to listen to a sample.

Simply 250 - 500 € 1-2 days 1

Source: himself is the man 9/2012

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