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Virtual Reality Viewer With Significantly Expanded Options

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Virtual Reality Viewer With Significantly Expanded Options
Virtual Reality Viewer With Significantly Expanded Options

Video: Virtual Reality Viewer With Significantly Expanded Options

Video: Virtual Reality Viewer With Significantly Expanded Options
Video: How to get CAD data into VR if you've never done it before. 2023, June

With the now available version of the M4 Virtual Review Virtual Reality Viewer, it is now possible to load even larger and much more detailed models and to display them in a high-performance manner, CAD Schroer says. This is made possible by the full support of 64-bit systems. This enables the viewer to invite even very extensive 3D rooms or CAD models so that they can be viewed in detail in VR.

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Tape measure for virtual space

It is also very useful in virtual reality to be able to measure the distances between individual objects in the room. With the new measuring tool in M4 Virtual Review, the distances between several points can be measured in virtual reality. The VR viewer supports the user by aligning the dimensions with the edges of the model or the XYZ axes. The individual dimensions can then be displayed in meters or millimeters.

3D notes and screenshots directly in the VR

The new version of the VR Viewer now includes a so-called drawing tool. With this tool, notes or markings can be placed directly in 3D. With the VR glasses, the virtual environment becomes a huge worksheet. This is intended to enable a completely new experience of the pre-constructed 3D models, which can also be provided with information and markings.

The user draws lines of different thickness or color in virtual reality. With the new screenshot tool in M4 Virtual Review, the user can now also take pictures of the currently visible scene in virtual reality. These are then saved as image files and can then be used conveniently for documentation or marketing purposes.

Virtual reality

From vivid renderings to interactive product visualizations

Simply move individual model parts

The move tool is one of the most important tools in M4 Virtual Review. This is always used when you want to move, rotate or hide something. The Move tool has been redesigned in the new version of the VR Viewer. The model can now either be moved freely or at a specified distance. In the same way, a single model can be rotated directly in the VR at a specified angle. The distances and angles can be freely adjusted. The hierarchy of the model is also taken into account when moving, so that you can either move only a part of the model or the entire model group.


Design smart machines efficiently

Currently supported 3D formats

In the new version of M4 Virtual Review, models including their textures can be invited to VR. This means that individual scenes or models can now be made even more realistic, which increases the immersion experience even further. In addition, models can now be loaded directly into virtual reality in OBJ format, which is supported by many CAD systems. CAD Schroer now offers an optional step to FBX converter for step models. This offers the possibility of greatly simplifying step models in a separate process and then automatically converting them to FBX format. The degree of simplification can be set individually.

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