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New Disciplines From
New Disciplines From

Video: New Disciplines From

Video: New Disciplines From
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Drywall construction is becoming increasingly important for the painting and varnishing trade.

The Federal Association for Color Design Building Protection is therefore expanding its training to include a new specialty. Together with the Knauf Academy, teachers and trainers have now been prepared for this in theoretical and practical training.

The painting and varnishing craft is gearing up for the future. The apprenticeship is already diverse. In the 3rd year of the apprenticeship, the training regulations so far provide for specialization in one of three disciplines. From the 2018 training year, two more are to be added: energy efficiency and design technology as well as expansion technology and surface design. With this aim, the Federal Association for Color Design Building Protection is currently realigning its training regulations. With the new specialization in "expansion technology and surface design", the product takes into account the increasing importance of drywall in expansion.

Due to the many interfaces to their traditional job description, more and more painting companies are integrating drywall work into their range of services. “In many regions, the painting and varnishing trade has already established itself very well in drywall construction. The interest of the companies in the field of finishing technology and surface design is therefore very high,”Roland Brecheis sees a great need for the new field. As Vice President of the Federal Association for Color Design Building Protection, he is responsible for education in the professional organization of painters and varnishers.

In order to further improve acceptance before the planned start in autumn 2018, it is important to sensitize the relevant multipliers early on with the vocational school teachers and training masters. For this reason, the Schools Working Group in the Federal Association for Color Design Building Protection, together with Knauf, launched the teacher training course “Basic module drywall”. The three-day seminar prepares teachers and trainers in the painting and varnishing trade for the upcoming training regulations. "Our goal is to deepen the understanding of the complex subject of drywall construction for teachers and trainers and to give them the necessary security," explains Frank Eßl, head of the Knauf Academy.

At the beginning of April, the first basic module with over 20 teachers and training masters started in the training center of the Knauf Academy in Iphofen. In the practice-oriented workshop, they received intensive insights into all things gypsum. Visits to the anhydrite mine in Hüttenheim and the production in Iphofen made it clear where the building material comes from and which high-performance systems result from it in interaction with other components such as profiles, screws, insulation, joint technology and coating.

In September a second teacher training course “Basic module drywall” takes place in Iphofen. The advanced training is recognized by the culture ministers of all federal states and can therefore be funded. Contact for interested parties: [email protected]

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