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The Double Against The Crash

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The Double Against The Crash
The Double Against The Crash

Video: The Double Against The Crash

Video: The Double Against The Crash
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With an outer diameter of 17 mm, a stroke of 7 mm and a weight of only 40 g, the TUBUS structural damper type TA17-7 is not one of the heavyweights of ACE damping solutions. This is precisely why Lisco appreciates it as a variable, easy-to-install component for the effective protection of high-quality linear axis systems.

Young, dynamic and flexible: these are the attributes that the Lisco company from Schleswig-Holstein's Bargteheide near the gates of Hamburg describes on its website. The parallels between the contracting company Lisco and the modern machine elements used from the structural damper series from ACE are quickly identified. So both are z. B. only came onto the market this millennium and have since developed independently of each other into real success stories. An important role for the North Germans is that, as a medium-sized company, they have the flexibility and the capacity in all areas to react quickly and unbureaucratically to the requirements and special requests of their clients at any time.

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Specialized wins

Specializing in the production of linear axes with various guide and drive variants, they develop standard and special axes and complete axis systems at the customer's request. If required, these are also supplied with drives, controls and measurement protocols. This is made possible, among other things, by the fact that the owner-managed company covers the areas of construction, machining, mechanical production and assembly. All linear axes are usually equipped with profile rail or roller guides in order to achieve high load capacities with low friction values, high rigidity values and high-quality running accuracy.

At the same time, long service lives are usually associated. In order to extend the rule to the special case, the team around founder and managing director Stefan de Bruyn went in search of "very efficient energy swallowers", as Marcel Schlünz, operations manager at Lisco and also responsible for marketing, reports: "Die The task was to find a powerful machine element that should ensure in various of our linear axes, in handling and feeding systems that, in the event of a software error, the masses in the end positions would not be uncontrolled.”A similar accident would theoretically be the case A power failure is possible, both of which would lead to costly repairs and downtimes of the constructions.

The TA family was specially developed for maximum energy consumption with a minimum height in a range from 2 Nm to 2,951 Nm
The TA family was specially developed for maximum energy consumption with a minimum height in a range from 2 Nm to 2,951 Nm

Since the linear axes at Lisco are usually supplied with profile rails or roller guides, it made sense to choose a solution that can be attached to the left and right of the respective rail or guide. A compact design and simple assembly were also requirement profiles. In principle, several solutions would have been available from the diverse portfolio of ACE Stuffer GmbH from Langenfeld. In the end, the two partners chose the TUBUS of the TA17-7 type because in an emergency it is not important to stop precisely. In these cases, the structural dampers made of co-polyester elastomer represent a cost-effective alternative to hydraulic end position damping. “This property is very important for many of our customers. Because the simplified design of the structural dampers saves money on the overall construction without compromising its safety,”says Thorsten Kohnen, product manager for structural dampers at ACE. "In addition, the users praise the fact that expensive repairs are no longer necessary and the associated higher availability", he summarizes the economic advantages of these machine elements.

High energy consumption

From a technical point of view, the TA series has a high energy consumption at the beginning of the stroke due to its degressive damping characteristic. Despite the compact design and the low weight of 40 g, the dampers, which are reliable at ambient temperatures of -40 ° C to 90 ° C, are capable of reducing up to 9 Nm / stroke. This applies to emergencies. If constructions provide the approach to the end positions as a rule, 6 Nm / stroke are still permissible. Then, in comparison to alternative solutions, their long service life of up to 1 million load changes comes into play. Because they last up to 20 times longer than damping with solutions made from urethane, up to 10 times longer than rubber damping and up to five times longer than steel springs.

Structural damper

Football, simulators and dynamic cushioning

Even when it comes to force absorption, these axially damping elements have not yet reached the end of their performance. Because the TA family was specially developed for maximum energy consumption with a minimum height in a range from 2 Nm to 2,951 Nm. At the upper end of the scale, however, they are no longer attached to comparatively small applications such as in Bargteheide, but to large machines, conveyor systems or even crane applications. The assembly principle is the same in all cases: they can be attached very easily and quickly with a screw provided. Of course, this also applies to the models that have special strokes, characteristics, spring rates, sizes and materials available on request. Because another parallel between ACE and Lisco are custom-made products on customer request. The in-house construction department of Lisco, together with Marcel Schlünz, is very satisfied that the "very efficient energy swallowers" can be obtained from ACE as a standard product within 24 hours and can be easily integrated into the complete solutions from Bargteheide. (br)

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