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Kiwall Academy

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Kiwall Academy
Kiwall Academy

Video: Kiwall Academy

Video: Kiwall Academy
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Since January, there is not only the Michael Kiwall master painter company, but also the master painter Michael Kiwall Academy - the network addition to the craft company. The motives and backgrounds are easy to get to the point and at the same time show the goals of the institution: promoting the training and further education of employees, exchanging ideas in a network and facing the rapidly changing framework conditions of the guild in order to meet increasing customer requirements.

Networking counts

"We want to work together on the daily challenges that we have to face, and in particular to promote the continuous development of our guild and the next generation," explains founder Michael Kiwall and adds: "Where would it be better, more effective and more effective than in a network, in which regular exchange is capitalized?”With the academy, the appropriate platform has been created so that companies can exchange ideas and benefit from one another.

The services are extensive: events, workshops or the cross-company exchange of employees in a similar manner to the internship are just as much a part of the academy's portfolio as the coordination of events and constant availability, as well as the open ear and advice of the founder. "My guild is close to my heart. I have been self-employed for 20 years this year and know the industry, its challenges and its advantages like the back of my hand. I want to set and maintain high standards,”explains Michael Kiwall, adding:“We want to promote and challenge the in-depth knowledge of the best bundles, and in particular the employees, in order to achieve top performance at all times.“After all, economic stability and promoting growth within the industry is an important task that must be taken seriously. "And satisfied customers and satisfied employees are still the best inheritance for a company."

And if the shoe presses at one point or another, the advisory services of the founder can also be used. Michael Kiwall himself appreciates professional advice. His credo: good advice is not expensive. The calculation is very simple. As the owner of a master painting company, you have to deal with far more things than with the pure craft. The organization of the office, marketing or controlling are important aspects, for example.

Clever is the one who concentrates on his core competencies and outsources special areas to experts. “Before I spend ten hours dealing with an area of which I have little knowledge, I prefer to invest two hours in specialists. Then I saved eight hours and can devote myself to my core competencies during this time,”explains Michael Kiwall. Within the academy, the founder himself is at the side of all members with regard to external consulting services and first analyzes the very individual needs together with the respective member company before the own Kiwall network is consulted by experts from very different disciplines.

Open to all

Michael Kiwall's academy is open to every painter's craft company that lives by continuously optimizing its own structures. The only requirements: identification with the goals and active participation.

There will be a group of around 20 selected companies - the so-called Erfa group. This meets twice a year to exchange ideas, discuss innovations or arrange future internships. The kick-off event will take place at the Schindlerhof in Nuremberg, the second event at one of the member companies. And so it goes in turn. The motto is 'first come, first paint'. Because of course the members are granted area protection within a radius of 50 kilometers. Specifically, this means that if, for example, a Cologne painting company becomes a member, no other Cologne company can join the academy. "Our goal is regular exchange so that all members can benefit from each other," says Michael Kiwall. The motto is very simple: from the best for the best

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