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New Battery Concepts For Electric Vehicles

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New Battery Concepts For Electric Vehicles
New Battery Concepts For Electric Vehicles

Video: New Battery Concepts For Electric Vehicles

Video: New Battery Concepts For Electric Vehicles
Video: The Story Of Electric Vehicle Batteries 2023, April

Driving pleasure and electric drive - two vocabulary words that no longer contradict each other. Today hardly any car manufacturer dispenses with a “Stromer” in its model range. Until electric vehicles finally establish themselves in everyday life, however, intensive research work needs to be done in the further development of storage materials and concepts as well as the continuous improvement of the associated production techniques. Bernd Becker, CEO of Thyssenkrupp System Engineering, says: "Production research makes a decisive contribution when it comes to transferring intelligent battery concepts from the idea to industrialization". In addition, with the help of intelligent system architectures and future-oriented lightweight housing, an optimal cost,Performance and lifespan are achieved.

Ranges of up to 1000 km

The three project partners Thyssenkrupp System Engineering GmbH, IAV GmbH and Fraunhofer IKTS go one step further. With EMBATT, you develop the concept and matching manufacturing technologies for planar, lithium-based high-performance batteries that are integrated directly into the chassis of the vehicle. "This means that significantly more compact energy storage solutions with energy densities of 450 Wh / l and thus ranges of up to 1000 km can be implemented," explains Wolfgang Reimann, Head of E-Traction at IAV GmbH. However, there are still technical challenges to be mastered in advance. This is made possible by all three partners bundling their specific experiences and skills in a joint project.

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7th Annual Congress of the Electromobility Forum


Standards for diagnosis and repair of electric vehicles developed

The project partners and their know-how

As one of the leading engineering partners in the automotive industry, IAV brings its development expertise from vehicle design, vehicle safety, battery design, construction to the application of the control unit software into the EMBATT project.

Fraunhofer IKTS is researching the development of customized materials and special processes for electrode manufacture.

Thyssenkrupp System Engineering is an experienced manufacturer of manufacturing systems and production equipment for vehicle construction and for battery manufacturing.

Thyssenkrupp System Engineering and Fraunhofer IKTS jointly operate a technical center in Pleissa, Saxony, in which, in addition to environmentally friendly processes for the manufacture of battery electrodes, laser-based machining processes and joining processes for the efficient generative production of lithium batteries are also examined. "This promising combination of material and technology know-how from the cooperation partners is intended to reduce the system costs of lithium-ion batteries to € 200 / kWh," says Dr. Mareike Wolter, Group Leader Mobile Energy Storage Systems at Fraunhofer IKTS.

Review of electrical engineering 2015

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Electric vehicles: an integral part of everyday life

The EMBATT project was presented to a specialist audience for the first time at the “Dresden Battery Days 2015”. The development project runs for three years. The aim is to go from application-oriented production research to successful industrialization so that electric vehicles will become an integral part of our everyday life in the future. (sh)

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