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Foundation Stone Laid For New FSG Plant In Zernsdorf

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Foundation Stone Laid For New FSG Plant In Zernsdorf
Foundation Stone Laid For New FSG Plant In Zernsdorf

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Seven weeks after the groundbreaking ceremony, the foundations for two new production halls of the measurement and sensor technology specialist FSG Fernsteuergeräte from Berlin were laid in Königs-Wusterhausen in Brandenburg. The laying of the foundation stone took place on August 17, 2016 in the presence of the managing directors Klaus and Carsten Schulz. A time capsule was also embedded in the foundation stone as a lucky charm. It contained a current daily newspaper, the company chronicle, some small change and a classic FSG product: a potentiometer. This is the starting signal for the structural and structural work.

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Groundbreaking for new FSG plant in Brandenburg

First, a steel structure is built for the two production halls, then the interior work follows. The fourth location of the family company founded in 1946 is scheduled for completion in March 2017. On the 44,000 m 2large area, the entire production of the company including a paint shop and training workshop should be concentrated. For this purpose, two production halls with 1,500 m² each as well as an administration and residence building with 1350 m² space including canteens and changing rooms for 60 production employees are being built in the Zernsdorf district for EUR 5.5 million. The new plant aims to create the capacities to meet the increasing demand for FSG products. The medium-sized family company FSG produces sensors for the railway industry as well as for the ship and crane industry. (kj)

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