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Visual Screed From Pandomo Quickly Laid With Collomix

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Visual Screed From Pandomo Quickly Laid With Collomix
Visual Screed From Pandomo Quickly Laid With Collomix

Video: Visual Screed From Pandomo Quickly Laid With Collomix

Video: Visual Screed From Pandomo Quickly Laid With Collomix
Video: Gereedschappelijk Tutorials: Stofvrij mixen met Collomix 2023, December

Mixing, transporting and pouring when laying sight screed without interruption: this is made possible by a new leveling compound mixer. Here explained using the example of a single family house.

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Attractive cement-based top floors are not only found today in commercial properties, they are also popular in living areas. The Pandomo Floor screed system from Ardex is one way of realizing such top floors. In this sample object, the Neugebauer company from Zolling near Freising designed an area of 90 square meters on the ground floor.

Preparation for the sight screed

The processing of these design leveling compounds requires experience and care in the execution. A special feature of these screed floors is that no expansion or kerfs are required, even with large areas. A prerequisite for this is an inspection of the screed for absence of tension, the careful preparation of the substrate and the exact mixing of the materials in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions in order to prevent subsequent crack formation. Before the start of the coating, an epoxy resin primer was applied over the entire surface to improve adhesion in the rolling process. This was then sanded with quartz sand. The filler consisted of 1.5 tons of powder material and 120 liters of anthracite-colored mixed water. Since there was underfloor heating under the floor to be coated,the mixtures were additionally treated with a dispersion.

Mixing stations for processing

In order to avoid dry inclusions or missing parts in the screed, the mixing technique is of crucial importance. When mixing, the Neugebauer company relies on the LevMix filler mixer from Collomix. This special mixing station is characterized by the fact that it integrates three work steps. With the LevMix, the material can be mixed, the finished mixture can be transported and poured out at the desired location. This enormously reduces the physical effort for the processors. The double-bladed agitator ensures quick and lump-free dispersion of the material in a short time. The intensive mixing also leads to a very good leveling property of the filler.

Tips for processing visible screed

In order to avoid starting points or edges in the visible screed, it is crucial to deliver the freshly mixed material at short intervals. For this reason, the Neugebauer company used three mixing stations. The mixing station was in the garage. The craftsman pushed the finished mix into the house via a screed path. The targeted and finely dosed pouring of the mass ensured a clean distribution of the liquid material in the already plastered and painted interiors.

The 1.5 tons of material for the entire ground floor were processed within an hour. Working step-by-step with the LevMix mixers made execution as quick as it was high-quality. The fresh mass was leveled with smoothing spatulas to the desired application height of seven millimeters. After a two-day drying phase of the filler, the surface was polished with a grinding machine.

Executing company

Almost 30 years ago Gert Neugebauer founded his painting and dry construction company. He currently has 16 employees. The company focuses on modern trends in surface design with innovative processing technology. As a licensed Pandomo partner company, the company carries out flooring and painting work as well as renovation of old buildings, interior construction in drywall construction and the installation of thermal insulation composite systems.