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CAD Software Brics-CAD Now In Version 17

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CAD Software Brics-CAD Now In Version 17
CAD Software Brics-CAD Now In Version 17

Video: CAD Software Brics-CAD Now In Version 17

Video: CAD Software Brics-CAD Now In Version 17
Video: BricsCAD on Linux Mint 17 ! 2023, December

The first innovation awaits the user immediately after the start: the redesigned start dialog offers the choice between different profiles. The user starts Brics-CAD directly to suit his particular task, for example mechanical design, BIM or 3D design. Various tutorials can also be accessed directly from the new start dialog.

Improved operation

The usability of the software was further improved overall. The highlight is the new panels, which can now be docked and are therefore easily accessible at any time. Several panels - for example for layers, properties, tool palettes etc. - can be organized as tabs one behind the other.

The developers have also added new functions to the quad cursor. With a rollover, the essential properties of a component can be displayed directly. Overall, the entire surface of Brics-CAD is trimmed for even greater clarity.

Work more easily with complex models

New functions have also been added to the 3D modeling of objects. The most important thing for users working with complex 3D models is probably the 3D Compare function, which compares existing components. The differences between two components can be represented in different ways. This enables individual details in which two components differ to be visualized efficiently.

There are also further developments in data exchange and the use of the Chapoo cloud service, which can now directly display information from.dwg files and BIM models. Both Chapoo and Brics CAD use the Open BIM format IFC (Industry Foundation Classes). This ensures compatibility and interoperability with other systems. (mz)