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Simulation Software Simufact Forming 14 Now Covers Additional Manufacturing Processes

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Simulation Software Simufact Forming 14 Now Covers Additional Manufacturing Processes
Simulation Software Simufact Forming 14 Now Covers Additional Manufacturing Processes

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Video: Faster and more efficient modelling of complex manufacturing processes | Simufact 2023, January

In the new Simufact Forming 14 version, Simufact introduces a new operating concept and provides users with modern, graphically appealing software dialogs that are intended to provide more flexibility in both model building and the evaluation of results. Interactive and context-related operating dialogs support the user in evaluating the simulation results - with a click of the mouse he switches among other things between temperature, deformation or tool load.

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The new operating concept also has a number of graphical improvements for model construction and allows simple display using a mouse or touchpad. The positioning as well as the creation of “clippings”, ie the insertion of cutting planes into the model, can be combined here. In this way, the user can check his model during the creation phase and adjust certain process parameters if necessary.

Regardless of whether it is a new entry or a change to a higher version: Simufact Forming users benefit from the new operating concept from further simplified software dialogs, which enable faster model construction and faster evaluation of results.

Simulate pressure welding process

The new press welding module supports the simulation of mechanical-thermal processes in which workpieces are joined by applying pressure and heat. Examples are processes such as resistance spot welding, friction welding and friction spot welding.

Interesting for cold formers: The hump welding process, a typical manufacturing step downstream of cold forming, can now be simulated and provide valuable information for the optimal shape of the weld hump on the workpieces. The hot formers also benefit from the implementation of the press welding module: They can now map electro-upsetting processes that are often used in hot forming as upstream process steps.

The focus of pressure welding processes in Simufact Forming 14 is on process simulation. The user receives precise statements regarding the behavior of individual welding spots, taking into account the time course. In this way, manufacturing steps in the forming process are combined with thermal joining processes.

Improve tool life

At Wire 2016, Simufact, together with Prokos, specialist for process monitoring in the Marposs Group, and Möhling, experts in the field of cold forming and cold formed parts, presented the coupling of process simulation with process monitoring in a pilot project. This coupling allows cold converters to set up the manufacturing process using measured and simulated forces using a target and actual comparison as it was previously designed or optimized simulatively: "Manufactured as simulated". In this way, cold formers can increase their tool life. With the new version, this exclusive Brankamp interface is available to users.

Joining Optimizer saves time and money

With the Joining Optimizer, Simufact provides users from the automotive assembly with an additional tool to automatically validate semi-hollow punch riveting and clinching processes. This means that time-consuming test procedures and the development time can be significantly reduced.

The user can virtually test the multitude of material-thickness combinations of an overall body with the planned rivet types / tool combinations. This evaluation provides a ranking list of all technically feasible tool rivet combinations for the individual material-thickness combinations. An intuitively comprehensible traffic light display shows the feasibility depending on the undercut, minimum thickness of the lower plate, maximum punching force, final rivet head position, etc. All results are stored in a database in order to simplify the effort of re-evaluating similar material-thickness combinations.

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