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Angle Encoder Now Also In A Functionally Safe Version

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Angle Encoder Now Also In A Functionally Safe Version
Angle Encoder Now Also In A Functionally Safe Version

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When using torque motors in machine tools, it is often necessary to classify the measuring devices for safety-related applications according to SIL 2 (according to EN 61 508) or performance level "d" (according to EN ISO 13849), since the rotation axes are usually operated with only one measuring device. Heidenhain sees the area of ​​application of his new product here.

Simplified verification of a secure mechanical connection

In addition to the data interface, the mechanical coupling of the measuring devices is also relevant to safety. The proof of a secure mechanical connection can be very complex for the machine manufacturer. The functional safety version of the ECA 4000 is intended to facilitate this verification: According to the manufacturer, the mechanical error exclusion of the ECA 4000 has been confirmed as part of a type test for safety-related applications in a wide range of applications and thus ensured under all specified operating conditions. For example, material and surface properties of shaft and flange components, screw lengths, screw locks or tightening torques are defined.

The modular angle measuring device ECA 4000 is available with a variety of diameters and in two drum shapes. The ECA 4400 drum shape is centered and fixed on the customer shaft using a press fit. According to Heidenhain, if the mechanical concept does not require mechanical error exclusion, the press fit can be dispensed with. In this case, the drum shape ECA 4402 with three-point centering can also be used.

Assistant should make commissioning easier

A mounting assistant in conjunction with the PWM 20 test device should simplify commissioning, e.g. B. by checking the correct diameter combination of the scanning head and graduation drum. With the external interface box EIB 2391S, the ECA 4000 devices can also be used in safety-related applications with a Drive-Cliq interface from Siemens. (jv)

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