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Simply Plan The Correct Machine Setup In 3D

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Simply Plan The Correct Machine Setup In 3D
Simply Plan The Correct Machine Setup In 3D

Video: Simply Plan The Correct Machine Setup In 3D

Video: Simply Plan The Correct Machine Setup In 3D
Video: Firmware & Machine Settings | Simplify3D 2023, December

The 3D design of machines and conveyor systems has become an everyday occurrence and is carried out by almost every company using 3D CAD software (e.g. Creo Parametric from PTC). These systems concentrate on the detailed planning of a machine or a specific component and down to the last screw, which inflates the amount of data every time. Therefore, the machine setup is often still done in 2D.

3D layout system as a solution

Nowadays, the suppliers of factory planning systems are one step further and offer the possibility to import the machines from the 3D design and to combine them with high performance to create a holistic planning. It is up to the engineer to decide whether to plan based on a 2D or 3D layout. In the end, he always receives 3D planning with the associated advantages.

Support the usual way of working

However, many planners initially find it difficult to switch from 2D layout planning to full 3D planning. 2D planning is often a little faster. For this reason, some 3D layout systems also offer support for 2D-based planning. This means that the planner can plan in his usual way in the 2D layout. The 3D planning is always generated automatically, which is why in the end the data is still available for full evaluation and visualization.

Catalogs as the basis for planning speed

In practice, 2D symbols are often used to plan the layout as quickly as possible. In a 3D layout system, adaptable catalog components offer all possibilities to plan a production line as quickly as possible. These can be designed variably so that the length, height or width of a component can be adjusted, for example, before placement. These components are collected in complete catalogs and can then be placed directly in 3D or loaded into a layout as a 2D symbol.

Fast to 3D layout planning

A system that combines the modules for layout planning and conveyor technology in one system is MPDS4 from CAD Schroer. The modules Factory Layout and Mechanical Handling offer all options to carry out 3D layout planning in the shortest possible time, the manufacturer reports. (mz)