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Altivar Machine 340 Frequency Converter Ensures Better Machine Performance

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Altivar Machine 340 Frequency Converter Ensures Better Machine Performance
Altivar Machine 340 Frequency Converter Ensures Better Machine Performance

Video: Altivar Machine 340 Frequency Converter Ensures Better Machine Performance

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Video: Altivar Machine 340 Drives 2023, January

Schneider Electric presented its youngest member of the Altivar Machine frequency inverter series at the SPS IPC Drives 2016: The Altivar 340 should be easy to configure and characterized by a high degree of flexibility, robustness and safety. Developed especially for high-performance applications, it is suitable for controlling and regulating synchronous, asynchronous and reluctance motors up to 75 kW. According to the manufacturer, the device is available immediately.

With a shorter task cycle time, the Altivar 340 optimizes motor control and thus improves machine performance. It is designed to control the machine speed, the torque and the position in the open or closed control loop.

Drive amplifier

Servo amplifiers and drives expanded by safety-relevant functions

Focus on ease of use

With the Altivar Machine series, Schneider Electric placed particular emphasis on user-friendliness and extensive connectivity. The new frequency converter therefore offers many communication interfaces and protocols such as CANopen, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP or Sercos III. In addition, it allows access to a device-internal web server and is intended to enable real-time communication with state-of-the-art automation architectures.

The converter should also be integrated as quickly as possible. Due to the tested, validated and documented architectures (TDVA) of the machinestruxure solutions from Schneider Electric, the development and construction time can be shortened considerably. The multi-loader function should also enable the frequency converter to be parameterized quickly and easily.

Compliance with machine safety requirements is an important point for mechanical engineering. The Altivar 340 therefore offers some safety functions for applications up to SIL 3 / PL e. Thanks to the class 3C3 circuit board coating, the inverters are corrosion-resistant even in particularly harsh environments.

Circuit breaker

Distribute energy intelligently

Corporate strategy: innovation at every level

Typical areas of application for the Altivar 340 are the woodworking and packaging industry as well as the area of ​​conveying and lifting. “The development of the Altivar frequency converters is related to our new corporate strategy 'Innovation at every level'. Trends like digitization, Industry 4.0 and decarbonization determine our future. Schneider Electric delivers suitable technologies to those target markets that are responsible for up to 70% of energy consumption worldwide: commercial and residential buildings, industry and infrastructure as well as data centers. The main maxim here: Every product newly developed by Schneider Electric should be characterized by high quality, be intuitive and easy to use and, last but not least, be digitally expandable,”explains Arne Jänicke, Product Manager Motion & Drive at Schneider Electric. (sh)

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