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Security Knows No Compromises

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Security Knows No Compromises
Security Knows No Compromises

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Video: AWS re:Invent 2018: Detecting Credential Compromise in AWS (SEC389) 2023, January

With our new friction lining technology, the brakes achieve a further improved torque consistency and a higher power density. We were able to successfully reduce influences from environmental conditions such as humidity or temperature.

With the new pads, higher braking torques and higher surface-specific friction work can now be achieved. This means that the brakes are more compact with the same properties. For higher braking torques and more heavily used brakes, users may be able to choose a smaller, lighter brake size. This also takes into account the general trend that machines and their components, such as motors, have to be built ever more compactly and with higher performance.

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Safety brakes have to protect people and machines from damage in everyday life. Why can users rely on their brakes?

Comprehensive tests and controls are central to our understanding of safety and quality. Especially in the field of friction technology: they ensure that the values ​​specified in the catalog are reliably achieved. On the one hand, quality concerns our service and sales and thus the advice to our customers. Thanks to our extensive testing options, our know-how and many years of experience, we are able to make reliable statements. This also means that we know the limits of the friction systems we use.

On the other hand, the experience and information from the tests naturally flow into the development of the products, so that they ultimately bear witness to high quality. For the friction technology, this means specifically, best and qualified friction systems for all applications. We carry out extensive tests to qualify the friction system for use under a wide variety of conditions, and we also conduct basic research with external institutes so that we are always up to date.

Can you give examples of these tests?

A first measure accompanying the design is, for example, the qualification of the friction lining on the partial lining test bench. On this test bench, we analyze and evaluate small, standardized friction lining samples with regard to their friction and wear behavior. This enables us to make a pre-selection of the friction lining that is suitable for the respective application. In addition, we also use the partial lining test bench to optimize existing friction lining qualities in cooperation with the friction lining manufacturer, for example with regard to criteria such as friction work, friction coefficient or running-in behavior. In addition to the friction lining qualification, the test bench can also be used to check friction lining batches of series friction linings. This is how we ensure that our series brakes always have technically perfect friction linings.

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