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When Nobody Knows (yet)

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When Nobody Knows (yet)
When Nobody Knows (yet)

Video: When Nobody Knows (yet)

Video: When Nobody Knows (yet)
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As a business start-up or a new business in a city, the first thing you need to do is stand out, make yourself visible and thereby become known. How to attract attention and interest with low costs and with few advertising materials? The Tipps.

Author: David Recker | Photo: Brillux

Only those who are visible can take place at interested parties. Only those who take part turn prospective customers into customers and receive orders. Anyone who has ever started a business and started from scratch knows how much truth there is in this formula. But how should you tackle the mission of being known and perceived? Especially when every cent has to be turned twice at the start of self-employment and there is no large advertising budget available? Then it is important to use the resources effectively and get the maximum effect from the most important advertising measures. This is achieved on the one hand by choosing the right advertising media and on the other hand by the particularly eye-catching design of these advertising materials. It is also important that you can be found at the crucial points where the prospective customers bustle. Take a look with us at these analog and digital contact points and of course the corresponding advertising media, with which you can successfully show your colors and become visible!

Advertising basics for start-ups

How to be seen If you are one of many - or if you show a professional profile? That was of course a purely rhetorical question: the first step to positive perception of a new company is to give it an equally positive appearance. We are talking about a logo, a letterhead and a business card: these three basics are still crucial today. Because from a non-existent or hand-knitted appearance in this trio, the viewer automatically concludes that there is little competence in the actual professional services. As a business founder, this is of course an image that should be avoided as far as possible. With a logo and business papers designed by graphic professionals you create professional trust. Even more: the more unusual, unusual and appealing a logo is,All the more, as a young company, you can stand out from the long-established competition. It is therefore worthwhile to proceed carefully here and to go to the market with a well thought-out appearance from the start. This does not have to be expensive if you use corresponding offers especially for start-ups (see box on the left).

Classic value-added advertising

Where can you catch the prospective prospect in the very real world, and at affordable costs? How can you become more generally visible and so well known? The answer is clear: on the streets in the catchment area, at traffic junctions, in small regional newspapers and in community newspapers. And these are the means to fully support start-ups:

  • Vehicle advertising: The labeled company vehicle is known as an advertising medium and is still extremely effective. Every day, driving or parking, there are hundreds to thousands of visual contacts with passers-by and drivers. The more striking and unusual it is labeled - see the examples on page 46 - the more pleasant the visual contact is and is better remembered. Vehicle labeling - be sure to implement from the start!
  • Scaffolding banner advertising: The first facade construction site offers the opportunity to advertise in large format. Get the large, as attractive as possible advertising media with your logo right at the start of your self-employment. Where to buy? See box.
  • Poster advertising: Nobody can avoid large-scale poster sites in particularly busy locations in the city. Poster sites must always be occupied ten days in a row. And: the circuit is surprisingly cheap. Depending on the region, it is already available per day for as little as six euros. If there is an upbeat design of the posters, there is a stir.
  • Advertisements: Advertisements in large daily newspapers are expensive and are overlooked far too often. It is better to advertise in local community and advertising sheets. Here one is more noticeable and - because the advertising costs are significantly cheaper - can also be regularly present. In order to further increase the cost-benefit ratio: rely on the smallest possible advertisements, which stand out in color.

Digital must-haves

How do people with specific needs look for their craftsmen today? The majority certainly on the net. So you shouldn't be invisible as a newcomer. Digital advertising doesn't cost much. The effort is much more in the permanent use of the online platforms. These online presences are essential for starting your own business:

  • Website: It does not have to be large, but should convince in text and image quality (keyword: professional impression!). Modern design with industry content and appealing photos at low costs is available as a Brillux service for start-ups.
  • Social media: Facebook appeals to the 40+ generation, with Instagram you can reach the younger generation: If you decide to have a presence on social media platforms, the content should be targeted at the target group.

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Save on costs - but not on professionalism

Especially for start-ups, Brillux makes it easy to get started in convincing publicity and advertising. Brillux creates a high-quality logo, stationery and business card as well as vehicle lettering and website at a low price. More information about this business start-up package:


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Only those who are visible can take place at interested parties