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“Aachen 2025” Enables Everyone To Experience Digital Change

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“Aachen 2025” Enables Everyone To Experience Digital Change
“Aachen 2025” Enables Everyone To Experience Digital Change

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Video: Hybrid Thinking - 4 approaches to guide us through the 21st century | Arndt Pechstein | TEDxDanubia 2023, January

The event "Aachen 2025 - Experience Digital Change" will take place in Aachen from September 23-25, 2016. Over three days, the audience can experience concrete examples of what the digital future could look like in nine years at around 40 locations in the city. Eight so-called theme parks take on the digitalization of everyday life - from living and learning to producing, shopping and communicating to mobility and health. The special thing about it: The theme parks are designed by the Aacheners themselves.

"Aachen 2025" also meets with national interest. Cisco Systems GmbH supports the event as a sponsor. Norbert Büning, CDA Germany Program Lead from Cisco Services, explains the commitment: “The event is a unique concept in which the digital change can be experienced. The whole event is unique and meets our expectations. Now is the time to experience the digital change in Germany."

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Immerse yourself in the digital world

"Regina 2025" was inspired by "Regina" - the regional industrial club Informatik Aachen - and the marketing company "Tema" - Technologie Marketing. The participants are around 150 people who were inspired and inspired and who developed the program in a still growing network. They come from universities, research institutes, companies as well as schools, student initiatives and associations and have been working on the project on a voluntary basis for nine months. During this time they designed an exciting, entertaining and informative event with several hundred program items.

Visitors to the theme parks have a large selection over the three days. There are exhibitions, lectures and workshops, practical demonstrations e.g. B. of self-driving vehicles or 3D printers in retail, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in digital worlds. In addition, "Aachen 2025" offers special programs for schools, for example on the topics of health, mobility and school of the future, and a film program with the future drafts of science fiction films. (kj)

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