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Digital Content For Everyone: Use Data Company-wide

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Digital Content For Everyone: Use Data Company-wide
Digital Content For Everyone: Use Data Company-wide

Video: Digital Content For Everyone: Use Data Company-wide

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From November 8-10, 2016, the Tekom trade association will hold its annual conference in the International Congress Center ICS in Stuttgart. The conference is considered the world's leading event for technical communication. Around 4,000 conference participants and trade fair visitors are expected.

Network and use relevant content

At Tekom, Docufy, manufacturer of software solutions for technical documentation, shows how modern technical documentation can work today. In addition to the current releases of its editorial software Cosima, the mobile publication platform Topic-Pilot and the software for risk assessment Docufy Machine Safety, the company from Bamberg is presenting its new concept of "multi-level documentation": Especially in times when the printed paper is electronic The media gives way and classic documents become sequences of topics, the intelligent organization of information is of crucial importance. The software solutions from Docufy enable companies to network their business-relevant content in multiple stages in information rooms and thus utilize it in all areas of the company.

See documentation as a pool of knowledge

Uwe Reißenweber, Managing Director of Docufy GmbH says: “By upgrading their technical documentation to new levels of added value, companies can finally use their data company-wide. And this data is interesting for many areas of the company: for the sales employee, the fitter, customer service, marketing or the design department. Technical documentation is the company's knowledge pool. And thanks to our Topic-Pilot technology, all this information is available online and offline at any time and in any place. We deliver the software solutions to provide information at different levels - that is our strategy of multi-level documentation."

Mobile access to all data with Topic-Pilot

The mobile publication platform Topic-Pilot by Docufy shows how companies can get started with the topic of enterprise mobility immediately: Topic-Pilot is an out-of-the-box solution for publishing all company-wide information available on mobile devices, on the intranet and in Web. The software enables the import from various sources and the output of information in various formats. Whether text, image, graphic, audio and video data, tables or PDF documents: With Topic-Pilot, all company-wide information is device-specific (e.g. for iOS and Android) available. (mz)

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