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World's Leading Trade Fair In Hamburg Expects Over 1200 Exhibitors

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World's Leading Trade Fair In Hamburg Expects Over 1200 Exhibitors
World's Leading Trade Fair In Hamburg Expects Over 1200 Exhibitors

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World premieres and impressive exhibits should be the highlights of Wind Energy Hamburg 2016, which opens on September 27th to September 30th at the Hamburg Messe site. The leading trade fair for wind energy is the meeting point for decision-makers in the energy industry for the second time. The leading trade fair, which covers both the onshore and the offshore wind industry, will start in 2016 with another hall. The organizers are expecting 1200 exhibitors, who will present their developments in 9 exhibition halls on around 65,000 m 2. For the first time this year, the "Wind Europe Summit" conference will take place in parallel to Wind Energy.

Largest wind gear in the world

One of the major exhibits is the largest wind gear ever built in the world and can be seen for the first time at the world's leading trade fair
One of the major exhibits is the largest wind gear ever built in the world and can be seen for the first time at the world's leading trade fair

The gearbox, which was developed by Winergy in cooperation with Adwen for its AD 8-180 offshore wind turbine, will be presented to visitors for the first time at the Winergy stand. The copy was specially designed for the trade fair so that visitors can take a look inside the gearbox including the plain bearing. The exhibit, which was moved to Hall B5 on Monday and lifted off the low loader, weighs 46.7 t and is 3.66 m high, 3.35 m wide and 3.50 m long. In the original with all components, the gearbox weighs 86 t and is the largest wind gear with an input torque of almost 10,000 kNm. Other exhibits from various exhibitors will follow in the next few days until the fair starts.

"Wind Energy Hamburg offers the wind industry an international platform to initiate and conclude specific business deals," explains Bernd Aufderheide, CEO of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH. The trade fair reflects the great development power and dynamism of the industry, both in the current and in future key markets. "It is the showcase for hundreds of companies that are involved in solutions to the major challenges of our time - climate change, CO ² -reduction and economically feasible restructuring of the energy markets," is located Vonderheide safe.

In addition to the interview with Jessica Neumann, industrial climber in the wind industry

About the person: Jessica Neumann (31) from Hamburg has been working as an industrial climber and rotor blade service technician for 8 years. She often works as a freelancer for Windigo GmbH, a service specialist for wind turbines. Windigo is one of numerous service providers that exhibit at the world's leading trade fair, Wind Energy Hamburg.

You often hang high up on the rope for hours and work on rotor blades - how did you get this job?

“When I was 16 I wanted to do something handcrafted, but as a young woman I didn't get an apprenticeship. I then completed an apprenticeship as a retail clerk in the photo specialist area. After a few years, I wanted to do something else, and a friend who is an industrial climber asked me if I would like to.”

Was climbing your hobby back then?

"No, that's very strange: I've never been on a rope before. But then I quickly acquired the necessary license. However, climbing is just the start of the job.”

How did you qualify as a service technician for the wind industry?

“I then did various specialist training courses, including the preparation of expert reports, laminating and electrical work. You cannot enter a wind turbine without this license. Among other things, I check the rotor blades for erosion, for example, whether there are cracks in the surface and repair the laminate if necessary.”

You probably have to be familiar with many models?

“Yes, I have already worked on systems from Senvion, Nordex, GE, Enercon, Vestas and others. A lot has come together in eight years.”

“There are very few women in this male domain. What do you like about this challenging job?”

(laughs) “So you don't have to be crazy for the job, but it helps. I am simply fascinated by this giant machine and that I can repair it. Add to that the sporty aspect that I have to tackle and that I can apply my manual skills. The most important thing is always security. And of course there are days when the job is annoying, for example when you have to grind at 40 degrees with a full face mask. Still, an office job would put a lot more effort into me.”

How does it feel when you are dangling between 60 and 140 meters and exposed to wind and weather?

“The best thing is when I hang up on the rotor blade and let the world around me work during a break. You leave everything on the ground that burdens everyday life. You can see the curved horizon and feel like a bird - that is the greatest gift.”

Global market with an international presence

According to the operator, all large, global manufacturers should be present in Hamburg in order to present their range of products for the wind market to the international specialist audience in Hamburg. In addition, the wind industries from different countries present themselves with their own pavilions. The visitor should find all components of the value chain at the fair. The exhibitor list includes plant manufacturers as well as suppliers, service providers, project developers and energy supply companies as well as companies from all other areas of the wind industry.

In the exhibition halls, trade visitors in 2016 will find exhibitor focal points on all subject areas such as drive technology, electronic components, logistics, security, financing and insurance. Many exhibitors can be found in a trade fair hall from the Smart Energy area, which maps the distribution, storage, generation and load control.

Offers for onshore and offshore

Just like using wind energy on land, generating electricity at sea also presents the industry with challenges. Exhibitors with offers such as offshore wind turbines, planning, installation and operation of offshore parks as well as the necessary logistics are now combined in three halls. Players like Adwen and MHI Vestas Offshore Wind present themselves in Hamburg as well as specialists from the Belgian Offshore Cluster.

For the first time, the Wind Europe Conference, the "Wind Europe Summit", will take place in the Congress Center Hamburg, in the vicinity of the Wind Energy Hamburg, in the vicinity of the exhibition center. Political, technical and scientific discussions on an international level should meet the business representatives of the wind industry with their products and business opportunities.

Husum Wind in September 2017

Husum Wind will be held in Schleswig-Holstein from September 12 to September 15, 2017. The fair focuses on the German-speaking market. It is a meeting point for an exchange of the industry. (kj)

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