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Industry Meets Research At The World's Leading Trade Fair For Image Processing

Industry Meets Research At The World's Leading Trade Fair For Image Processing
Industry Meets Research At The World's Leading Trade Fair For Image Processing

Video: Industry Meets Research At The World's Leading Trade Fair For Image Processing

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First and foremost, the technological developments presented by our exhibitors are new. VISION maps the trends in the industry - for the event in November this means that we will see cameras that process information even faster and more precisely. But also solutions for the use of image processing systems, without which Industry 4.0 is not possible. For more and more industries, image processing has become irreplaceable when it comes to guaranteeing 100 percent product quality, and technology is also becoming increasingly important in non-industrial industries. In addition to the current technical trends, we are experiencing that VISION is becoming even more international. Especially with companies from Asia, and especially from China,We see significant growth in the fact that they are becoming more and more confident with their products on the European market. This year we will achieve a foreign share of almost 60 percent.

What are the technological trends at VISION? What are the main topics in 2016?

In our view, this year's vision has three technological trends: embedded vision, 3D image processing and hyperspectral imaging. A top-class panel discussion will take place on the first day of the fair on the topic of embedded vision. Numerous established market leaders as well as some new, emerging companies will show in Stuttgart what technology makes possible. This year, the VISION Award also goes to a company that is launching a groundbreaking idea on the market.

Image processing standards are a constantly topical topic in the market, which is also reflected at VISION - the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) is organizing a special show for this purpose together with other partners. Image processing in the beverage and food industry as well as in the transport industry are further focus areas of VISION 2016.

Is there a unique selling point that distinguishes VISION?

At no other event is the complete spectrum of image processing technology mapped as at VISION - this makes the event the world's leading trade fair. VISION is the marketplace for all component manufacturers and a platform for system providers and integrators. Here in Stuttgart, OEMs, machine builders and system houses find out about the latest innovations and end users meet a variety of system integrators.

What highlights can VISION visitors expect?

One of the special features is the comprehensive VISION forum program with around 90 lectures this year. In the "Industrial VISION Days" and the "VISION application forum", experts from all over the world discuss exactly the very latest topics. Whether “production control with self-learning smart camera” or “the chemical fingerprint: new possibilities for industrial image processing” - the individual lecture titles already show the impressive concentrated know-how that was gathered on three days of VISION in Stuttgart. The forum program is optimally supplemented by the “School of Vision” - visitors to the fair can acquire compact specialist knowledge, practical tips and application knowledge in 14 sessions. Important image processing institutes are also presenting current research topics at the “VDMA Technology Days”.Three days packed with pure image processing: the industry has been waiting for this for two years and we at Messe Stuttgart are looking forward to getting started soon!


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