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Avoid Known Errors In Production During The Design Phase

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Avoid Known Errors In Production During The Design Phase
Avoid Known Errors In Production During The Design Phase

Video: Avoid Known Errors In Production During The Design Phase

Video: Avoid Known Errors In Production During The Design Phase
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In the field of tool making and injection molding, the signs point to automation. At the moment, however, many injection molding companies are still struggling with the problems that were caused by product design that was not plastic and tool-compatible.

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Early analysis enables quick and effective course correction

Vorkon is used on the one hand in the offer phase to come to a first qualified assessment of the expected effort. On the other hand, Vorkon is used in the early phase of product development to check the direction taken and if necessary to correct it early.

"We are tackling the problem at the root," says Alexander Hein, Managing Director of the Hein design office, "and that much earlier than usual". Thanks to previous knowledge based on simulated preliminary concepts, qualitative decisions and timely optimization can be made. Experience from many trouble shootings shows that with early pre-concepts, many problems and follow-up costs would not have arisen.

Component and implementation analysis with sustainable impact

Vorkon is a simplified and advanced component and implementation analysis with a sustainable impact. Vorkon does not replace the detailed simulation, but is an ideal preliminary stage. In the first phase of design / product development, planning and calculation, or also the offer phase, a lot of information for a detailed simulation is not yet known and / or you do not want to invest too much if you do not know whether you will receive the order.


Six problems to avoid when using simulation in construction

Tool for early product development, product planning and calculation

With Vorkon you get important information about simulation, tool sketch and component analysis about the component and the planned process. I.e. on this basis, a more efficient decision about the basic feasibility, possibly additional costs for a different process, a different material selection is possible. This means that information about challenges such as warping, weld lines and other possible molding errors that arise - and can be avoided - is available early enough.

Vorkon is therefore an ideal tool in early product development, product planning and calculation and therefore also a basis for purchasing, with which one can stand up to competitors in the offer price war

can profile, reports the manufacturer.

Simplified tool concept as the basis

The first part of Vorkon is the tool sketch, a simplified tool concept that contains information on the injection position, type of injection, initial considerations for temperature control, ventilation instructions, ejector situation, etc. The product developer also takes the information on the separation and the required slide movements from it and can thus determine the draft angles, design tolerance to the center, make precise collision considerations and thus continue the product development in a more qualified manner.

Problems in toolmaking and injection molding significantly reduced

Vorkon was created in the Hein design office, as there were more inquiries about tool concepts in 2018, after which a market analysis was started that showed that many customers want to know much more about what is coming with the project and can therefore better set the course for the project. In the same way, many on the market can no longer afford the follow-up costs and therefore have to discuss the critical aspects identified too late with their customers.

Because they all have one thing in common. "We do not want follow-up costs, we want to be able to deliver on time, make a profit and also achieve customer satisfaction with follow-up orders," adds Alexander Hein. Because then all process participants can effectively and efficiently focus on the quality of their work and also adopt new technologies and become a company


Simple structured procedure with checklist

With the help of a checklist, the data required for Vorkon are queried and then coordinated in detail in a personal conversation on the phone or via video conference in order to obtain the most accurate analysis possible with Vorkon.

The results from Vorkon have the following advantages:

  • Optimizations are discussed early and corrections (component geometry, assembly) are introduced that are usually no longer possible at a later point in time.
  • You can calculate more precisely, since the challenges of the component are known and helpful decisions can be made earlier.
  • It was often shown in the trouble shooting that if one had chosen certain geometrical changes or a different method, the immense follow-up costs would have been prevented.
  • Once the new approach with Vorkon has been established in product development in the company, there is a clear time advantage in the "time to market" in addition to cost savings.

SEMINAR TIP The seminar “Controlling the construction area” teaches how key figures can help as a control instrument, which specific measures, tasks and obligations are associated with the CE marking and who has to fulfill them.

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