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Call For Papers For The 12th International Fluid Power Colloquium

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Call For Papers For The 12th International Fluid Power Colloquium
Call For Papers For The 12th International Fluid Power Colloquium

Video: Call For Papers For The 12th International Fluid Power Colloquium

Video: Call For Papers For The 12th International Fluid Power Colloquium
Video: conference 18 12 20 2023, April

As one of the world's most important conferences in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic drive, control and regulation technology, the International Fluid Power Colloquium (IFK) has established itself as a central exchange platform for industry experts in Europe. In an international context, it offers users, manufacturers and scientists the opportunity to present innovations and to discuss development trends. From March 9 to 11, 2020 it will take place for the 12th time - this time under the motto "Fluid Power - Future Technology".

The upcoming introduction of 5G opens up numerous possibilities for the development of intelligent system structures, which will allow cost-efficient and requirement-oriented drives in a decentralized arrangement. In addition, the rapid data exchange in real time enables the use of numerous predictive maintenance strategies, which will significantly increase the availability of fluid technology systems and their components and improve their usability over the entire service life. This sometimes contributes to the responsible use of resources that are only available to a limited extent.

Exchange between basic research and industrial users

On the first day of the event, the symposium is devoted to methodological and basic contributions. The following two conference days offer a comprehensive application and technology-oriented overview of the latest state of fluid technology. In this combination, the IFK is a unique forum for the exchange between basic university research and industrial user experience. A parallel trade exhibition offers the opportunity to get direct information about products and to network with manufacturers, researchers and users of tomorrow.

The IFK lives from interesting and high-quality scientific contributions. All interested parties who would like to present their current scientific work to a broad audience are invited to contribute to the 12th IFK. Instead of May 24, 2019, English abstracts can now be submitted online at www.ifk2020.com. Templates for the preparation of the short versions are also available there. The short version should make the technical innovation clear.

Topics from stationary and mobile hydraulics or pneumatics wanted

The IFK is dedicated to application-related topics from stationary and mobile hydraulics, pneumatics and special fluid technology applications, such as medical technology or subsea hydraulics. Detailed considerations of hydraulic, pneumatic, actuator and sensor components as well as of fluid engineering basics are presented. In the area of systems and system integration, in addition to new decentralized structures, other issues of system design are also examined, such as energy-saving and recuperative concepts or simulation-based design and optimization. Among other things, problems of signal processing and artificial intelligence in fluid technology are considered from the aspect of digitization. The topics mentioned serve to stimulate an interesting and, if necessary, extraordinary scientific contribution.

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