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Pallet Wine Rack

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Pallet Wine Rack
Pallet Wine Rack

Video: Pallet Wine Rack

Video: Pallet Wine Rack
Video: Make a Pallet Wine Rack with Glass Holder in a Day - Easy DIY by Warren Nash 2023, April

You can build the wall shelf from an old Euro pallet yourself in one afternoon - provided you have a pallet left. Pallet dealers in the industrial area make it easy to get the coveted material. In the meantime, some hardware stores have even added brand-new pallets to their range, because the demand for self-made pallet furniture has become so great. But a real pallet wine rack actually lives from the patina and the signs of use of the euro pallet used.

Garden furniture


Build your own bar from pallets

The construction of the pallet bar is not that difficult - an ideal entry-level project! Of course you can choose the dimensions according to your space …

Build a wine rack from a Euro pallet

The instructions above explain which work steps are necessary to build the pallet rack yourself. It is also good to know that pallet furniture is quite heavy! If you want to attach the wine rack to the wall, you need correspondingly strong dowels and screws. In addition, pallet furniture poses a latent risk of injury because the edges are usually sharp and chips and chips are everywhere. For a household with small children, the material is therefore not recommended without restrictions!


What you need for the pallet wine rack:

  • Euro pallet (there are used or new ones, for example, they have even been deleted in the hardware store)
  • Coarse grit sandpaper
  • Screws
  • Possibly. Wood protection glaze with brush
  • Cordless drill, wood drill, bits
  • grinder
  • Forstner bit (approx. 12 to 15 mm diameter)
  • Jigsaw or NanoBlade saw (here EasyCut 50 from Bosch)
  • Cow foot
  • To force
  • Hammer, folding rule, spirit level or, if applicable, carpenter's angle, pencil etc.
  • Mouth protection, gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection if necessary

Simple 1 - 25 € under 1 day 1

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