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TUfast Eco Team Is Racing At EducEco

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TUfast Eco Team Is Racing At EducEco
TUfast Eco Team Is Racing At EducEco

Video: TUfast Eco Team Is Racing At EducEco

Video: TUfast Eco Team Is Racing At EducEco
Video: TUfast Eco Team - Trailer muc019 2023, April

After the TUfast Eco Team set a world record last year, this season they ventured into the next higher vehicle class with a completely new concept. In the “Urban Concept Category”, various vehicle components such as windshield wipers or upright seats are required for the driver in order to meet the requirements for use in public road traffic. With the "muc017" vehicle, the TUfast Eco team won first place at the EducEco in France, the Grand Prix for the best urban concept, and three other off-track awards for the best powertrain, "the best driving strategy" and "technical innovation".

The team took second place immediately afterwards at the Shell Eco-Marathon in London. Successes to which the SPN training workshop led by Peter Kuhberger and Sascha Nebrich, together with six apprentices, were able to contribute in the third year of their apprenticeship.

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With 194 km / kWh on a 50 km course

"We put over 60 hours of manpower into the project in the period from January to March and, due to the great enthusiasm to be part of such an innovative project, we spent almost as many hours outside of work", reports Sascha Nebrich, Deputy Training Manager at SPN and Main contact for the TUfast Eco Team.

The team headed by the project division manager for chassis, Schulz, supplied the necessary material and the CAD drawings, on the basis of which the SPN training team produced two motor pinions, a ring gear, two racks, and two output shafts for steering muc017. Sascha Nebrich reported that the processing of the output shafts was particularly complex. Due to the tight schedule, he had to work late into the night and even delivered it personally in Munich. Just in time to be able to install the parts in muc017, which in the subsequent winning run at EducEco achieved the dream result of 194 km / kWh on the almost 50 km long course.

Electric racing car

The most economical electric car in the world makes it into the Guinness Book of Records

SPN helps to perfect drawings and components

Martin Schulz is enthusiastic about working with SPN: “It is a great opportunity for us students to apply our theoretical knowledge in practice. While other sponsors just manufacture the parts, SPN actively supported us to perfect the drawings and ultimately the components. As a student, it is important to see how our own plans are implemented in concrete workpieces, and we learn what is superfluous or what can be optimized on our drawings.”In the coming season, one would therefore like to continue working with SPN, the discussions for this to run.

Nebrich: “I am confident that the training workshop will also be there next year. Because sponsoring is a priceless advertisement for SPN.”In return, an advertising banner was placed on muc017, making the winning car an internationally recognized advertising medium. (yup)

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