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Experience Systems Virtually With Smart Glasses

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Experience Systems Virtually With Smart Glasses
Experience Systems Virtually With Smart Glasses

Video: Experience Systems Virtually With Smart Glasses

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Video: A Real-time Augmented Reality Processor and a Smart Glasses System 2023, January

As one of the first software providers, Machineering has integrated various VR / AR glasses into the Industrial Physics software. In this way, users can experience plants in a whole new dimension and everyone can decide which system suits them best.

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The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are based on the Virtual Reality (VR) system with a head-mounted display. Through the glasses, the user is completely cut off from the outside world and moves freely in the virtual space, for example in a production hall during operation. The Microsoft Hololens, on the other hand, is based on an augmented reality (AR) system, through which the user can display interactive 3D projections in the immediate vicinity with the support of a natural user interface. The Microsoft Hololens is controlled via gestures, speech, head and eye movements.

New interfaces available in Industrial Physics Release 2.0

With Release 2.0, customers benefit from improvements and expansions in the areas of visualization, simulation, control connection and other interfaces to external systems. The interface to SAP EWM and comparable material flow controls was integrated into the software. An interface to EPlan P8 is now also available to users. With the transfer of data from the simulation, Machineering has taken another important step towards the "holistic mechatronic engineering approach".

Industrial Physics now also offers a real connection to the Tia Portal, to Siemens Simulation Unit PN256 and to real robot controls such as ABB AC500. In addition to expanding real-time capabilities, PTC Creo was another bidirectional CAD system connected to Industrial Physics. This allows users to read Creo models directly and make changes in the simulation.

Now also simulation of linear systems

With Industrial-Physics 2.0, linear systems such as monorails or rail-guided vehicles can now be precisely simulated. The visualization is further improved by using a new renderer. Overall, the displays are available even faster and smarter.

Machineering at the SPS IPC Drives 2016: Hall 6, Stand 119

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