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Experience The New Laboratory "Bonding Arena" Virtually

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Experience The New Laboratory "Bonding Arena" Virtually
Experience The New Laboratory "Bonding Arena" Virtually

Video: Experience The New Laboratory "Bonding Arena" Virtually

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Video: Lohmann presents the Bonding Arena 2023, January

The Lohman company has opened the “Bonding Arena” application technology laboratory at the company's headquarters in Neuwied. The work area can be used flexibly - whether application engineering, business development or market and product management, all market-relevant functions should be covered. Interested parties can also experience a virtual tour of the laboratory.

Virtual tours for visitors and employees

Lohmann is familiar with virtual tours - the company has digitally prepared a total of four trade fair appearances, the Index, Bau, IZB and Drupa. The virtual tours are not time or location-specific and are suitable for an international audience. Multimedia simulation options can represent the products realistically. The possibility of direct contact means that the customer is forwarded to the right contact person, even after the trade fair. The visitor can purchase information material digitally.

This is how the virtual Bonding Arena works. With the 360 ​​° view, the visitor can look around in the application technology laboratory and try out the technical possibilities for themselves. During the tour, visitors can get an insight into the product selection, pre-treatment, prototyping and other areas. The laboratory should be the training center for employees and visitors - training documents and information materials are always available for download. Interested parties can pay a visit to the Bonding Arena. (kj)

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