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Siemens Receives Third Order For Electric Ferry

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Siemens Receives Third Order For Electric Ferry
Siemens Receives Third Order For Electric Ferry

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Video: World's first zero emission electrical car ferry 2023, January

Siemens is supplying the drive systems for two new battery-operated ferries. These ships, operated by Fjord 1, are to operate on the 2.4 km route E39 between Anda and Lote on the west coast of Norway. Both are said to have a capacity of 120 cars, 12 trailers and 349 passengers. Operation is scheduled to start in January 2018. It will be the first four battery-operated ferries in the world to use technology developed and manufactured by Siemens. The company supplied the drive system for “Ampere”, the world's first fully electric ferry, in 2015 and received an order from the Finnish shipping company Fin Ferries in early 2016.

Drive emission-free with a fully integrated drive solution

On board the two ferries, Siemens plans to install a fully integrated solution for electrical energy and automation: the Blue Drive Plus C electrical drive solution includes lithium-ion batteries as energy storage, thruster and remote control of the propellers, an energy management system and an integrated alarm and surveillance system. After each crossing, the batteries of the ships are charged via a shore connection that is integrated into the local supply network. The ferries control the charging process via WiFi.

The ferries are currently still operated with diesel engines. They operate both during the day and at night. This route on the west coast of Norway is the first ferry connection in which the country's road administration prescribes the use of emission-free technology. For the tender, the country stipulated that one of the two ferries must be operated with zero emissions and the second ferry with low emissions. Fjord 1 finally opted for two battery-operated ferries, which are to achieve a better overall result - both financially and in terms of environmental friendliness.

First tender for environmentally friendly ferry

“With the infrastructure on land, we wanted to make the most of the two ferry investments. We therefore chose the most environmentally friendly option,”says Arild Austrheim, Maritime Technical Director at Fjord 1. Jürgen Brandes, CEO of the Process Industries and Drives division at Siemens, adds:" With this contract, we want to maintain our position in environmentally friendly drive solutions prove. The technology is robust, reduces costs and is sustainable.”

The technology is developed in Norway and is based on solutions designed for offshore ships. That is why the technology has been tested under difficult conditions and has been developed over many years. The tender for the ferry route between Anda and Lote is the first tender for ferry services in Norway, in which the state prescribed zero-emission or low-emission ferries. This is in line with the new, stricter state environmental regulations. (kj)

Hybrid drive

Environmentally friendly and efficient thanks to the parallel hybrid drive

Ship propulsion

World's largest hybrid ferry runs with drive technology from Siemens

switch cabinet

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