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Every Third Company Does Not Know What Its Employees Think

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Every Third Company Does Not Know What Its Employees Think
Every Third Company Does Not Know What Its Employees Think

Video: Every Third Company Does Not Know What Its Employees Think

Video: Every Third Company Does Not Know What Its Employees Think
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Satisfied employees work more productively and creatively. However, if employees are unsatisfied, this not only affects their personal everyday life, but is bad for business. For this reason, employee satisfaction should be high on the agenda of successful companies. In order to illuminate this topic from different perspectives, Mindspace conducted a survey among 5,000 employees from seven countries in 2019.

Employees in the US are happiest, Germany ranks in the middle

The good news is that 30 percent of the employees are happy most of the time and 54 percent are happy. In a global comparison of the seven countries, most employees in the United States like to go to work: 54 percent of them say that they are very happy and 39 percent that they are happy - this makes the United States the country with the happiest workers.

German employees are very satisfied with 24 percent and 57 percent mostly satisfied employees in the middle range. In comparison, British employees are the least happy - almost a quarter of them are not, or very rarely, happy at work.

What motivates employees

It is also crucial to know what motivates employees and binds them to the company in the long term. To find out, we need to understand when employees are dissatisfied. According to the survey, 34 percent of workers are unsatisfied with their pay. 35 percent of employees find their work environment not inspiring.

"Satisfaction in the workplace not only creates a positive atmosphere, it is also good for business," said Dan Zakai, CEO and Co-Founder of Mindspace. “We examined what makes employees happy because we know that satisfied employees are more committed, productive, creative and resilient. They also have a positive impact on their colleagues and stay longer in the company. Which employer isn't looking for exactly that?"

Many companies do not evaluate satisfaction

To improve satisfaction and engagement, companies should listen to their employees. Surprisingly, almost a quarter of the companies (23 percent) do not evaluate the satisfaction of their employees at all. There are large geographical differences: In the United States, only 18 percent of companies do not conduct employee surveys, while in Israel, 38 percent.

In Germany, 30 percent of companies do not know what their employees think. Almost a third of German companies missed the first and most important step towards increasing employee satisfaction and retention. This means that companies miss an important tool for improving their corporate performance.

To the study

On behalf of Mindspace, Onepoll conducted a survey of 5,000 employees from seven countries in April 2019. Respondents are active in a variety of industries in Germany, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, Poland, Romania and the United Kingdom, including finance, engineering, jurisprudence, IT, healthcare, media, public service, transportation and logistics, art and design.

This article first appeared on our partner portal Industry of Things.

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