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Integrate Refugees With Solidworks

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Integrate Refugees With Solidworks
Integrate Refugees With Solidworks

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Video: Integration of Refugees Project 2023, January

The shareholders and managing directors agreed - you can't just count on the big companies when it comes to integrating refugees. But what contribution can a medium-sized IT company with 360 employees make in the refugee issue for society? What can DPS offer as a company, what makes sense?

Training offer with Solidworks

DPS Software trains engineers, technical staff and designers at 27 locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. The main product and software from the very beginning is at DPS Solidworks, a CAD software from Dassault Systèmes. A software that already has 3 million users, can be learned intuitively and is used extremely successfully as a market leader in medium-sized mechanical and plant engineering, especially by strong companies in Baden-Württemberg.

Kunststoffland NRW

Career start for refugees - companies exchange experiences

But are there any refugees who would be suitable for training for this software? A good cooperation with the employment agency and its committed employees soon led to a first conceptual approach. People were looking for technically adequately trained refugees who were also linguistically ready to follow a course. A special program had to be developed for the training. In addition, the refugees should improve their German and have the chance to get to know the company and its employees. People were actually certain about the need for the job market, but DPS also wants to go one step further and think about the future of refugees after their training.

Solidworks users as partners of the project

DPS Software and the employment agency therefore target the medium-sized companies that use Solidworks. You have the chance to get to know potential employees directly at DPS and to be advised by the employment agency.

The training takes place from October 17 to November 30, 2016 in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, the company headquarters of DPS Software. All applicants are engineers with professional experience and IT skills. "We are enthusiastic about the good level of all applicants and are sure that it will not be a problem for them to successfully complete the training," says Managing Director Manfred Gravius. The program is supervised by a specially selected training manager. She designed the training structure, prepares homework for the deepening of the material and gives each participant the support they need to be able to master construction tasks independently step by step. “It is exciting to conduct the training with completely new signs and goals. It's also nice for meto be involved in a social project,”she explains.

Bring staff and refugees together

The afternoon program is made up of three components: the reworking of the training morning and the homework, the German course, which is completed online, since all participants are already at a B1 and B2 level and, above all, have to work on their vocabulary and the social part DPS employees. Here DPS offers every employee the opportunity to get involved with the refugees on one of the afternoons. Be it through a small lecture on your own hobby, the presentation of a typically German preference or a small introduction to your own areas of responsibility in the company. All topics should be dealt with interactively, so that the participants learn to express themselves in German in various subject areas.

The chances are good for the already recognized refugees. They are full of enthusiasm and look forward to a regular work routine and the chance of a promising job in their host country. Companies interested in one of the trained refugees for their company can contact DPS directly: [email protected] (kj)

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