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How Refugees Become Skilled Workers

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How Refugees Become Skilled Workers
How Refugees Become Skilled Workers

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Video: Making Skilled Migration Work for Refugees 2023, February

It's been a year since Khaibar Fatehzada first stood on a workbench and screwed on a table lamp. After escaping from Afghanistan, the internship at the central Hessian control cabinet and system provider Rittal was his glimmer of hope for a new life in a new home. The trainers described the then 26-year-old as ambitious, hard-working and reliable when he and seven other refugees learned the basics of electrical engineering and mechatronics. When he received the news that he was able to start an apprenticeship as a machine and plant operator at the family company, he described himself as grateful and happy.

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"A year ago I would not have believed that I would be here today," says Fatehzada, looking around his work environment with a big smile. "The contact with my colleagues, the varied work, the opportunity to stand on my own two feet - for me, this training position has simply changed everything."

Working life as the best opportunity for social integration

Over a million refugees came to Germany last year. Most of them are between the ages of 18 and 25 - in their prime for integration through vocational training or qualifications. Many companies do not yet dare to offer specific offers. The effort seems too high, the success too uncertain, the large number of legal requirements too great. The Friedhelm Loh Group's project was already considered a flagship project in the field of integrating refugees into the labor market in 2015.

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Today, four refugees have an apprenticeship at Rittal, the largest subsidiary of the Friedhelm Loh Group. In the future, the quota of refugees among industrial and technical trainees in the company should be 10%, explains owner and CEO Dr. Friedhelm Loh: “Working life offers the best opportunity for social integration. Work is an essential part of a meaningful life. This enables people to demonstrate their knowledge, build a livelihood and make a contribution to society.”

Due to the great success and the many positive experiences on both sides, the company has now published a guide so that even more training companies can start integration projects and actively shape social progress. The practical guide shows concrete solutions for the professional qualification of refugees, gives tips and assistance, lists contact points and motivates to imitate.

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