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Build Jewelry Boxes Yourself

Table of contents:

Build Jewelry Boxes Yourself
Build Jewelry Boxes Yourself

Video: Build Jewelry Boxes Yourself

Video: Build Jewelry Boxes Yourself
Video: Jewelry Box 2023, April

Our building instructions show step by step how to build the jewelry box yourself.

To the building instructions

  • Build jewelry boxes
  • Build the casket base
  • Build the casket lid
  • Open & close jewelry box

There are items that won't let you go. Tricky skill games often exert this appeal and you only put them aside when you get the hang of it. This is also the case with our jewelry box, which awakens the play instinct due to the lack of a visible closure and, in conjunction with the handcrafted walnut wood, invites you to "understand".

Make your own jewelry box

Practical tip: We even made the processed glued wood ourselves for the jewelry box. This may sound a bit strange, but the 26 mm thick walnut wood makes this jewelry box attractive - and you can process existing residual wood!

These instructions and our blueprint for ordering help you build the jewelry box >>

Source: himself is the man 10/2011

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