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New Company Headquarters And New Brush Types

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New Company Headquarters And New Brush Types
New Company Headquarters And New Brush Types

Video: New Company Headquarters And New Brush Types

Video: New Company Headquarters And New Brush Types
Video: Amazon's New $2.5 Billion Headquarters 2023, April

The brush manufacturer gives two reasons for this project: The traffic-related separation of administration and production should be a thing of the past, and there is scope for process optimization. For an investment volume of around 5 million euros, Kullen-Koti not only sets a signal of securing its location, but also sets the course for further growth on the German market.

Kullen-Koti wants to grow with punched brushes

A strategic focus for the growth project is to strengthen the portfolio of stamped brushes. These types of brushes belong to the technical all-rounders and prove to be versatile construction elements in mechanical engineering and metalworking, for example, as well as practical helpers in the food and beverage industry, as Kullen-Koti reports.

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With the new building, Kullen-Koti creates over 3000 m² of additional usable space and allows all administrative and technical departments to move closer together and closer to production. The development, construction, application technology and work preparation divisions in particular should benefit from this.

Generous space helps with further development

The three-storey building will also represent the new Kullen-Koti headquarters and will therefore also be the seat of the management and staff. All departments receive a generous amount of space with a lot of potential for the operational and personnel development of the location. Completion and commissioning are planned for the end of 2019.

Milking robot

Automation in the cowshed increases milk production

The construction of the new main building in Reutlingen is part of a long-term expansion strategy of the Dutch Koti Group, the central aspect of which is to strengthen the 14 international subsidiaries, as it concludes.

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