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89 Percent Of The Chinese Want Robot Cars

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89 Percent Of The Chinese Want Robot Cars
89 Percent Of The Chinese Want Robot Cars

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These are the results of the electronica Trend Index 2020. For this purpose, a total of 7000 consumers in 7 countries around the world were surveyed on behalf of the world's leading trade fair electronica.

Chinese customers are generally more open-minded about the technical visions of the connected car of the future than consumers in other markets. 71% of the Chinese surveyed therefore consider it important that a smart car intervenes like a driving instructor in the future if people make a mistake at the wheel. In the United States, only 47% would like such an electronic driving instructor, in Germany 35%. In Japan, less than half as many customers are enthusiastic about it compared to their Chinese neighbors (28%).

Consumer acceptance is very different

"The autonomous vehicle and the question of artificial intelligence (AI) are currently experiencing very different levels of consumer acceptance in the global regions," says Falk Senger, Managing Director of Messe München and responsible for electronica. “While 57% of electronic devices in the USA should be equipped with AI in the future, this is required in Germany only 39% - in Japan 28%. In China, however, a clear majority of 74% of consumers are in favor of AI technology.”

Online networking of the smart car with other vehicles is also more important for Chinese customers than in other markets to warn of dangers (73%). In the USA, 60% advocate such a networked car world - in Germany around every second. An environmentally friendly motor is also very popular with consumers in the Middle Kingdom: 63% of the Chinese are demanding the electric car for the future - i.e. an electric drive. It is only 48% in the USA, 43% in Germany and 27% in Japan.

Electronica has been held in Munich every two years since 1964. The next event is from November 8th to 11th, 2016. (jv)

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