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70 Percent Energy And 90 Percent Oil Saved

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70 Percent Energy And 90 Percent Oil Saved
70 Percent Energy And 90 Percent Oil Saved

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Video: 5 Simple Tricks to Lower Your Energy Bill 50% or MORE Guaranteed! 2023, January

More efficient use of energy and a reduction in total operating costs are high goals that are often not achievable by simply replacing components. Successful positioning in constantly changing markets therefore requires new approaches. However, innovative systems that require hydraulics, software, control and networking with regard to Industry 4.0 require bundled know-how. Bucher Hydraulics wants to show cross-technology solutions and offer intelligent architectures with proven benefits for users.

Conventional hydraulics continue to be standard in numerous applications. In particular, throttle controls are still used in spite of high losses and offer enormous potential for improving energy efficiency due to their functional principle, regulation of the energy supply. The better solution is often called "Displacement Control - Power on Demand", which only generates as much pressure and volume flow as the drive requires. Instead of central positioning of the unit in connection with long cables, the drives are arranged decentrally directly on the consumer. This should significantly reduce line losses and installation space as well as installation effort and costs.

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Festo shows bionic approaches in robotics

Bucher Hydraulics has z. B. installed a direct, servo-hydraulic drive of two synchronous cylinders in a test bench of the railway technology division of Nencki AG. The bogie test bench is a typical application for linear drive technology with controls of force, travel and speed.

The drive technology must impress with its high power density and robustness. The technology used so far corresponds to conventional hydraulics, consisting of a drive unit with a pump / motor unit, cylinders and proportional valves: a throttle control, as is often used to implement translational movements.

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