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Gearbox Manufacturer Starts Building Extensions

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Gearbox Manufacturer Starts Building Extensions
Gearbox Manufacturer Starts Building Extensions

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Video: Manual - Albion Gearbox 2023, January

Visions are there to be turned into reality. SPN Schwaben Präzision has always done this throughout its history. Now the next step towards the future followed: Together with Lord Mayor Hermann Faul and Member of the Bundestag Ulrich Lange, the managing directors of the SPN group of companies Josef Seitz, Rainer Hertle and Georg Jaumann broke ground on October 28 for the extension of the SPN plant in Nördlingen. The group of companies is investing around 5.5 million euros in the new building for Hall 4 for buildings and infrastructure and around 1.5 million euros for production technology.

Supply the entire material flow along the value chain

"Our aim is to use this extension to bring all processes together and to manufacture process chains related to product groups," explains SPN Managing Director Georg Jaumann. The building will have a total area of ​​3000 m² for production, 360 m² for training and test areas, 860 m² for offices and 400 m² for technical building equipment and energy supply. The focus is on an integrated concept for intralogistics with tugger trains to supply and dispose of the entire material flow along the value chain.

Other important investments concern air conditioning in the production halls, direct air extraction from the machines and an improved indoor climate for the employees. "With SPN, we are proud to have a modern company in Nördlingen that offers its employees long-term prospects and has development potential," said Hermann Faul, Mayor of Nördlingen.

Halve manufacturing times using lean methods

"SPN Schwaben Präzision has made a name for itself in the region as a company with strong growth and training," said Member of the Bundestag Ulrich Lange. "The current award for the 'Top Employer Donauries' label has been earned."

The schedule for the construction work is ambitious: the move into the new hall and the relocation of the first part from the plant in Glashütte Straße are scheduled for the middle of the third quarter of 2017. Moving into the integrated hall 3 and moving the rest of the production from the plant in Glashütter Straße is planned for the fourth quarter, which will be completely cleared in 2018 and used for another purpose.

"Our long-term goal is to halve throughput times in production, reduce inventories and increase our efficiency by implementing lean methods," explains Rainer Hertle, Technical Director of SPN. "For our customers, this means shorter procurement times and greater flexibility for customer-specific requirements with above-average precision and a strong price-performance ratio," says Hertle. (kj)

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