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New Compact Actuators For Positioning Tasks

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New Compact Actuators For Positioning Tasks
New Compact Actuators For Positioning Tasks

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Despite their high functionality and performance, the actuators from Siko do not take up much more space than a 0.33 liter beverage can (model AG25). The drives are therefore ideal for fully automatic format adjustment in machines and systems with limited space. The variant AG26 builds slightly larger, but also has more power, namely up to 13 Nm - despite the ultra-compact size.

Wide field of application

The areas of application of the AG25 and AG26 actuators are the adjustment of formats, stops, tools and valves. These, as well as a whole series of comparable positioning tasks, are used in the packaging industry, the woodworking industry, printing technology and paper processing, the food and beverage industry, in the textile industry and in electronics manufacturing.

Despite their very compact dimensions, the two drives represent an all-in-one solution for mechanical engineering. They have a hollow shaft with a clamping ring for easy assembly. The motor, gearbox, power electronics and bus communication are also integrated in the positioning drives, so that only the bus connection and a 24 V DC voltage supply have to be supplied in the field. This drastically reduces the overall system costs for integration into the machine compared to a discrete structure.

Integrated multiturn absolute encoder

Not to be forgotten is the integrated, high-precision multiturn absolute encoder, which detects the position of the drive shaft even when the shaft is turned when the actuator is de-energized. Even large travel ranges up to over 2500 revolutions are no problem.

For the data interfaces Sikonet 5, Profibus and CAN, which have been available for a long time, Siko has implemented the most common interfaces in the drives: Profinet, EthernetIP, EtherCAT and Powerlink. For this purpose, the actuators have two M12 D-coded bus connections for the gentle installation of a bus line without having to make a star-shaped wiring to the controller.

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