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Multishot Makes The Smallest Differences In Height Visible

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Multishot Makes The Smallest Differences In Height Visible
Multishot Makes The Smallest Differences In Height Visible

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Raised or deepened object details - e.g. For example, the embossed numbers and characters on a credit card are difficult to grasp using classic image processing methods. Even with side lighting, the contours are usually not reliably recognizable due to the resulting fades and shadows. The new multishot function with which Sensopart has equipped its vision sensors in the Visor range can help.

Clear contours

The contours now come out clearly so that the raised or recessed letters and numbers can be read out using the OCR function of the vision sensor, for example. Further application examples for Visor Multishot are the reading out of data matrix codes injected directly into plastic surfaces, the detection of damage such as dents or scratches or the detection of raised beads of adhesive on a surface of the same color.

Unique in the market so far is the possibility to operate this technology exclusively with the internal lighting of the Visor. External lighting can therefore be completely dispensed with, in particular when small details are recognized, which can be recorded from a short distance. This saves cabling effort, space and, last but not least, money.

Simply hide background colors

The multishot technology can also change background colors, such as z. B. often occur in the packaging industry, can be completely eliminated from image processing - the evaluation is then based exclusively on the detected height differences.

Last but not least, a visor with a multishot function can also take and evaluate an image with a classic lighting configuration at any time, since it is easy to switch between multishot and standard lighting. This means that tests can also be carried out using traditional image processing tools such as pattern comparison, contour recognition, distance measurement or code reading.

With the Visor Multishot function, which is unique in the market for vision sensors, previously invisible details become visible and thus the possible uses of Sensoparts vision sensors are expanded. The optional multishot lighting ring with four surface lights is available as a fully assembled accessory. The multishot function is now available in the new Visor devices of the "Allround Professional" type. (jv)

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