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Differences And Selection Criteria For UL-listed And UL-recognized Cables

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Differences And Selection Criteria For UL-listed And UL-recognized Cables
Differences And Selection Criteria For UL-listed And UL-recognized Cables

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The North American market is an important sales market for German mechanical and plant engineering and requires UL approval. Either a machine as a whole can be UL approved or all individual components used have a UL marking. The second way is to facilitate the acceptance in general.

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Big differences in individual types of approval

"Underwriters Laboratories" (UL for short) was founded in 1894 as an independent organization. It examines and certifies products with regard to their safety. "Our customers often request UL approval without knowing the content and advantages and disadvantages of the individual types of approval," says Horst Messerer, Product Manager Data Network & Bus Technology at Helukabel GmbH in Hemmingen, a fundamental problem. In general, UL approval makes it easier to enter the Canadian and US markets because it provides a basic level of acceptance. However, there are big differences in the individual types of approval and their treatment by the examiners.

Building wiring must meet bundle fire test

Horst Messerer explains the problem using a typical example: “A machine builder sets up several machines in a factory hall. These are wired with a drag chain cable with a PUR jacket, which is UL-Recognized AWM Style or UL-Listed CMX approved. PUR is an excellent material for permanently moving cables with a long service life and a long service life. Due to its chemical composition, the material is not highly flame retardant. This cable is very suitable for cabling inside the machine, but not as soon as the individual machines are connected to each other. The following problem then arises: The cables are laid, for example, on the floor in cable ducts or over cable support rails. This type of installation falls under the building cabling (CM / CMG),that has to pass a bundle fire test. The Americans demand a high level of flame resistance when laying the platform. The testing Fire Marshal will therefore remove the wiring in the machine, but not the wiring between the machines. Then the installed cable has to be completely or partially removed and replaced by a version with a PVC jacket and UL-Listed CMG, for example."

UL Listed Norm:

A basic distinction is made between the UL-Listed standard and the "UL-Recognized" seal of approval: "UL-Listed standard contents are generally known. This means that the standard for cabling in buildings, factory equipment and field cabling for machines and systems enjoys greater acceptance among the inspectors,”explains Horst Messerer. "The inspector usually even has the constantly recurring standards in his head and can therefore make a quicker decision during acceptance." This results in significant time savings and considerably lower inspection and acceptance costs for the machine and plant manufacturer

UL recognized:

UL-Recognized hides hundreds of AWM (Appliance Wiring Material) styles, which can be found under the so-called "Yellow Card" (ID card from UL, which identifies a manufacturer's existing AWM styles). This type of approval is comparable to the VDE registration number. The approval is issued as follows: A product for the machine / device wiring is submitted to UL with information on the application regarding voltage level, flame resistance, temperature range etc. The authority checks this product with regard to the requirements and then issues an existing AWM style if the parameters fit. If this is not the case, a new AWM style will be issued

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Helukabel presents new catalog for cable accessories

New VDE fire test center

Thoroughly tested: fire safety of cables and wires

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